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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

What it cost for our two weeks in Hua Hin, Thailand

Thailand has a reputation of being a cheap place to visit, and while that is still totally true, costs have gone up here just as they have everywhere else in the world. 

Anyhow, we wanted to prove to ourselves that Thailand can still be done on the cheap. Because if you want to live like a tourist and eat "western" style food in higher end restaurants, it's still going add up to more than what you think it should.

Much of the cost is going to relate to your accommodation choices, and we are fairly low maintenance in that regard. And, it's pretty standard around the world that the longer you stay in one place, the better your average price per night is going to be.

So, lets look at all the costs we incurred during our two week stay here in Hua Hin.

Including absolutely everything, we will have spent 23,000 baht ($638 USD, $859 CAD) for our two week stay. Approximately 1,640 baht ($45.50 USD, $61.40 CAD) per day.

The beach at Hua Hin, Thailand.

Lets see how it all breaks down...

Accommodation: We had a great little studio condo with a big screen tv with Netflix and Prime and its own washing machine in a modern building with a well equipped gym and a nice swimming pool. We negotiated a deal based on the fact we were staying two full weeks, and it worked out to 657 baht ($18.50 USD, $25 CAD) per night.

Groceries: We bought supplies necessary to have breakfast at the condo. We like oatmeal and good quality yogurt mixed with fruit and nut granola. These items are actually quite pricey here, but we splurged. We spent a total of 2,260 baht ($63 USD, $85 CAD). This included some snacks and drinking water as well.

Meals out: We ate both lunch and dinner out every day. Sometimes, the meal would include an alcoholic drink as well, and that is also included in this total. We spent a total of 5,900 baht ($164 USD, $221 CAD) in this category. That works out to 421 baht ($11.70 USD, $15.75 CAD) per day. Or 105 baht ($2.90 USD, $3.90 CAD) per meal per person.

Alcohol: Booze is not cheap in Thailand. Yes, cheaper than in Canada, but really, not by much. Still, I enjoyed some beers and Ruth her gin and tonic. Total for the two weeks was 2,100 baht ($58 USD, $78 CAD).

Entertainment: The idea for this two weeks was to do things inexpensively, so we didn't spend any money in this category.

Miscellaneous: Total of 1,950 baht ($54 USD, $73 CAD). This includes pharmacy, cellular data, a couple of new t-shirts, local transportation, and a hair cut!

The grand total even includes our travel back and forth to and from Bangkok by train.

And that's it! So, the idea was to give you some perspective on what it costs. Of course everybody will be different, and you could choose to do it even cheaper. And if you stay in one spot for a full month, you can really reduce your accommodation costs. 

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And in Canada...

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