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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Kind of glad we've had all this down time

First thing I did Saturday morning was to check our online banking to see if the credit card problem was fixed. This time, it showed that my "available credit" was back to normal, instead of being a big negative number. With that confidence, I proceeded to book the Pegasus Airlines flight from Antalya to Paris and it went through with no problems at all!

So at least that is fixed, although with no explanation from Scotiabank at all. 

I still find it odd that I never received a notification of a possible problem until after I contacted them! But, it's certainly not worth my time to try to follow up on that.

So, with all of this travel planning, we only have one or two things left to book. The major one is our accommodation in Antalya, but we're now having thoughts of renting a car and doing some exploring north of Antalya away from the coast. The second one is that car rental, if we decide to go that route.

We've noticed that Antalya accommodation prices are no longer "cheap" and we know that it will be more reasonably priced inland. It would also give us more things to explore, since we have already been to Antalya a couple of times. The downside of this is the cost of renting a car. 

Also, did a bunch of research on our upcoming four days in Maldives. Just making sure we know how to get the right ferries and make our way to the proper island where our accommodation is booked. 

We're kind of glad that we've had all this downtime here in Hua Hin to get all of this stuff sorted out.

We went for lunch and shared a different drink. Some kind of frothy chocolate thing, but it essentially tasted like chocolate milk, although not very sweet. They have a lot of very different non alcoholic drink selections.

Then back to the condo where we did our half hour workout in the gym, followed by a short swim to cool off.

For dinner, we went back downtown and met the same Scottish/British couple at the same place. Had a couple of drinks with them, and walked back home.

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And in Canada...

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