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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Day one of island life

So, we are staying on the island of Dhiffushi in the Maldives. The island itself is about 1 km long, by 200 meters wide. At a slow pace, it takes about 30 minutes to walk around the circumference of the island. About 1,300 people live here full time. Dhiffushi is the most eastern inhabited island in the Maldives and is the first to witness sunrise every morning.

From the Visit Dhiffushi website... Dhiffushi was one of the first non-resort islands in the Maldives to commence offering holiday accommodation and was the leader from which all other islands followed. It's two main areas of commerce are fishing & of course, tourism. Affordable luxury, sprinkled with a wide variety of activities such as jet ski's, snorkeling with turtles, kite surfing and much much more. Proving visitors don't need to pay out for an expensive all inclusive resort to experience an amazing holiday in the Maldives. 

We missed the sunrise this morning, but we will be sure to get out there early enough tomorrow to get some photos!

We set out after breakfast for a walk around the island to see what there is to see. 

This is what you see, a three minute walk from our $40 USD a night guesthouse room.

Yes, we will follow the rules.

The main street that circles the island.
There are no cars here. A few scooter and golf carts.

The second of the three public beaches.

The harbor and marina.

Of course we have to show you the good with the bad.
There is some of this. Not much mind you, but enough to wonder why it's there at all.

There is a relatively new children's park, and outdoor exercise equipment area.
We will go and use the equipment after sunset.

More plastic trash.

The golf carts are owned by the small boutique hotels on the island.

We spotted one of the two types of lizards that are on the island, this one is an Oriental garden lizard. There is also one breed of snake, but non venomous.

Football field for the residents.

Where everybody dumps their construction waste.

There is a short path around the southern part of the island.

Coming in for a landing.

Way out in the sea.

And this is the third public beach.

We tested out the water.
Yep, it's like getting in the bath. No shock value at all. Just the way I like it!

Not many people about yet, but it's only just after 9:00am.

The island school.

There is an upcoming election in the Maldives.

They've got this little stand set up so you can take a photo of yourselves!

Local fisherman.

By the time we got back around to the beach nearest us, there was a storm brewing. 
But it blew away and it never did rain.

Ruth found  a pet bird to feed.

Back at our guesthouse.

We sat and talked to the owner for a half an hour or so. Young guy, who says that there are only three hotels on the island actually owned by locals who are from that island and he's one of them. He was born on the island.

Club sandwich and fries for lunch. 
$7 USD ($9.50 CAD).

In the afternoon, we went to the beach with our swimsuits on.

Ruth's swimsuit matches the color of the water.

Our view for an hour or so.

Back for another dip.

This will be great for the four days we're here, but I think a week would be too long. We'll see! Tomorrow, snorkeling with the sharks and turtles!


  1. Looks beautiful, especially that clear water. Yep, the islands seem to have trash no matter where you are. It reminds me a bit of Caye Caulker in Belize. I immediately thought that you two would get bored there pretty quickly; it's very small, and as you've said before, you really aren't beach people. Glad your stay will be relatively short, and hopefully you can enjoy the relaxing time before your next destination!

    1. It really is quite beautiful when you look out to the water, it is so clear and the different shades of blue are really quite amazing and as Kevin said over all it is quite clean but there is always room for improvement.

      Nope, we certainly aren't beach people but we don't mind it for a few days so I know we will enjoy our time here. There are also lots of water activities that people can do but of course they all come with a price tag. We will do an outing today but other than that we will just enjoy this island and some more down time.

  2. Who can get bored with peace, quiet and no people....not me....what bliss

    1. We like peace and quiet but there isn't a lot to do on the island itself other than sit at the beach or swim and for us we are good for an hour or two of that a day but that is about it, so after for four days we would be totally bored. The snorkeling was a lot of fun though but that costs money.

  3. Kevin does a great job with pics, narrating and everything and of course Ruth answering us is so gracious


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