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Friday, March 29, 2024

Day one in Abu Dhabi

I know many people love Abu Dhabi and especially the nearby neighbor Dubai. But neither of these places have ever been very high on our to do list, and the only reason we are here is because of the flight routes that made our "hop skip and jump" journey from Bangkok to Istanbul a little more interesting.

The displays of opulence and wealth in Abu Dhabi and more so in Dubai can be interesting though

Compared to our last four months in "cheap" countries, the prices here are a bit of shock. I looked into getting a SIM card, but we're only here for 4 days, and cellular data prices are almost as high as Canada. So we'll do without, although we learned yesterday that we sure do miss being connected when we're out and about. 

I do still carry our Keepgo MiFi device that works in 130 different countries, but unfortunately UAE is not one of them!

First order of business was breakfast. Our hotel does a highly rated all you can eat breakfast buffet for 55 dirham ($15 USD, $20.30 CAD) per person, so we figured we would sign up for that each day. This way we can leave here with full stomachs and only need to do two meals a day. 


And our hotel has a free shuttle bus service that runs to various popular attractions, although the times are not very convenient. And the one that takes us downtown is only one way so we have to figure our own way back.

We slept in a bit due to our late arrival the night before, and we went down and had breakfast and then got the 11:10am shuttle bus to downtown and we got off at Corniche Beach.

Corniche Beach looking towards downtown.

A lot of fancy architecture here in Abu Dhabi.

We thought we would try to get to the top of one of these buildings for a view.

The tunnel crossing under the road is nicely painted.

Me, with the octopus.

I noticed on google maps that there is a Lamborghini dealer here, so we went in to check out the prices!

This shiny black one is only $400,000 USD ($553,000 CAD).
I wonder what the monthly payments are...

Not very good fuel mileage. Pretty sure any prospective buyers aren't very concerned.

It sure in shiny!

Can I take it for a test drive?

This convertible was an odd color. Flat blue, with yellow seats!

We spoke to the sales lady Yara for a while. She was really nice and didn't seem to mind answering our questions, even about things to do in the area. Pretty sure she is used to dealing with the occasional tourist who stops in to gawk at the fancy cars.

She suggested we try the hotel in behind to see if we could get a view from the 50th floor.

Fancy hotel. I don't think we can afford to stay there.

We couldn't get up to the top, but we were directed to a view near the pool area that was about four floors up...

This car zoomed across the water in front of us!

Too funny. A boat made to look like a car!

From there, we walked to another tall hotel building, again trying to talk our way up to the top. But this one wanted a 35 dirham ($9.50 USD, $12.90 CAD) each, and we decided against it.

I don't think we can afford to stay here either!

At the base of the building was an Aston Martin dealer...

This is a used one.

A new Aston Martin Vantage.

Pretty fancy!

We sat in the fancy lobby and used their WiFi.

View out the lobby window.

So, we had a good couple of hours seeing how the rich live when they come to Abu Dhabi.

But we had to get back to the hotel because I had some internet work that needed done. Abu Dhabi has a city bus service, but it was going to take an hour and a half to get back with two transfers. Not very convenient. I was actually a bit late already, so we ended up taking a taxi. Cost about 35 dirham ($9.50 USD, $12.90 CAD) to get back.

By 7:00pm we were getting hungry again and went to a convenience store near the hotel. They do microwavable pre made meals, and we got a salad as well. It's expensive to eat out here, and this cost under 20 dirham ($5.50 USD, $7.20 CAD) each, so not bad.

Weather is decent... windy, with a high of about 27C (81F) which feels pretty refreshing compared to what we've been dealing with for most of the last four months!


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