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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

We would go nuts here

While this two weeks at Hua Hin has been some good downtime, and we've got a lot accomplished on the internet, we are just about done.

Heck, even when we're in a place that we like we're ready to move on after two weeks. 

We see a lot of signs on the road for expats, and we see a lot of expats. Many are from Russia and eastern European countries. But certainly there are some from the UK and Australia. 

The number one problem for us (me, Kevin, especially) is that it's just too hot to do anything.

In fact, one thing I've learned on this trip is that it's okay to spend a couple of weeks in a country that is this hot, but four months just won't do. So it is unlikely we will ever return to Thailand or Cambodia. Vietnam is a different story, because the northern part actually gets some cooler temperatures, and of course we still haven't made it to Laos. So we will come back to spend more time in those areas, but we don't ever need to return to Thailand, unless we are using Bangkok as a transfer point to fly somewhere else. Even then, it would only be for a night or two.

We walked along the beach for a couple of kms.

Maybe I should take up kite surfing!

1,000 baht ($28 USD, $38 CAD) to rent the equipment. Then you have to take lessons. But I'm just not a water sports person.

And there's a big water park nearby. We thought about going, but it's actually fairly expensive and we're also trying to save money. A lot of travel expenses coming up over the next two months. And really, we've only got two more days to waste. Our train back to Bangkok leaves early Friday morning, and then we fly to Maldives early Saturday morning.

We walked by this guy's tire repair shop last night. 

So yeah, our two weeks here is just about done. The condo itself has been great. Comfortable, big screen TV with Prime and Netflix so we've taken advantage of that. The last three nights we watched Back to the Future parts one two and three! And we've made good use of the gym and swimming pool here.

Tomorrow I'll give you a recap of our costs to live here for two weeks. The idea was to come here and not spend much money, and we've definitely accomplished that. So it has served its purpose. But any more than two weeks, and we would go nuts here.

Decent price drop on the Shark Vertex Ultralight Stick Vac.

And in Canada...

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