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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Visit to a mansion, and lots of different food!

Yesterday, Han and Michelle took us up to the Georgetown area to visit the Pinang Peranakan Mansion Museum. It was built in 1896, but spent many decades in neglect before being fully restored in 2002. 

Really quite spectacular, as you'll see in the photos...

But first, some breakfast. Michelle had bought a couple of pomelos at the farm we visited on the way here. Turns out they're not that easy to get into!

Look how thick the skin is!

Nice morning view from the 10th floor where we are staying.

When we left, we went up to the 25th floor to see if there was a better view from the hallway...

The southern bridge leading over to the mainland.

Looking down 25 floors of stairs!

Lots of interesting architecture here.

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

It's a busy attraction.

The lobby.

There was a couple here doing wedding photos.

There are two different fancy dining rooms.


The bridal bed.

This is a famous street food stand that does a popular dessert called Cendol.

We each had one. 

Very different. Coconut milk and crushed ice and palm sugar and green jelly noodles! Refreshing on a hot day!

Saw a new Lamborghini Urus SUV.

Not sure I would spend $225,000 on an SUV, but you could sure get the kids to soccer practice fast!

Back to the condo for an afternoon nap. Then we headed out for dinner to an Indian curry restaurant.

Karaikudi Restaurant in Penang.

Kevin, Ruth, Michelle, Peng (Michelle's brother) and Han.
Peng's wife didn't join us.

Dinner for five... RM144 ($31 USD, $41.40 CAD).

We went for an evening walk along the waterfront.

This old ferry used to bring people back and forth to the mainland many years ago. Now a relic, but it still floats. It is listing due to the low tide. Apparently someone has bought it to restore as a party boat.

This morning, I have an appointment with a cardiologist to get some tests done. I only asked for the appointment on Wednesday, and they said "10:30am Friday morning" at Gleneagles hospital. Very efficient. 



  1. Great prices on that dinner food! It looked tasty. Hope the cardiologist appointment goes smoothly, Kevin. Amazing they could get you in that fast. Sure wouldn't happen like that in the US or Canada, I don't think!

    1. It was definitely a great price on the dinner. Michelle's brother knows all the good places to go where the food is at great prices.

      It is at a private hospital so it makes a big difference with the speed of getting an appointment but we were also a little surprised that we were able to get the appointment on such short notice.


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