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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Langkawi Boat Tour...

There are two really popular tourist activities here on the island of Langkawi. One is to take the cable car up the mountain, and the other is to do a boat tour.

We won't be doing the cable car because 1) it's expensive and 2) we are going to hike up a nearby mountain for a similar view. However we decided to spend the money on a boat tour.

And there are a lot of options for the boat tour. A lot of different sales agents and pricing options for 2, 3, and 4 hour tours. 

We decided on a 4 hour shared group tour departing from the Kilim Jetty at the Kilim Geoforest Park. Including lunch, the cost was RM100 ($21.20 USD, $28.60 CAD) each. You have to sign up at least the day before.

We were told to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the 10:30am start time. We got there around 10:00am, and by the time we had paid, the guy called us and one other couple onto the boat. There were a lot of group tours, some with as many as 16 to 20 people on the boat, so we were pleasantly surprised that it was only the four of us!

The other couple were Karim and Leila, a younger couple from France. 

To the Batcave, Robin!

First stop was just down the river at the bat cave. They've built this concrete walkway through the cave.

Yes, there are bats in the bat cave!

And a couple of interesting cave formations.

Good for a 20 minute stop.

Mangrove roots when the tide is out.

This funny little creature is called a Blue-spotted mudskipper, it looks like a cross between a fish and a lizard. It would crawl out on the mud using its two tiny front legs.

Heading past the other tour boats.

And there are a LOT of other tour boats buzzing around.

Next stop was what they called a "fish farm", although it was a kind of an odd setup. There were maybe six or eight small holding areas set up with various types of fish in them. 

Ruth, touching a stingray. Kind of hard to see, but if you zoom in you can see it.

These things had a row of razor sharp teeth, and when they fed them it reminded me of a piranha.

Pretty looking Angel fish.

The guy brought up a horseshoe crab. 
Very prehistoric looking!

Strange looking thing!

Ruth holding it.

And Leila holding it.

Back in the boat, and headed out to sea.

You can also do a kayak tour as you can see in the photo above. It's also 4 hours, but it's quite expensive, and our driver was telling us that those who go on it are usually exhausted by the time it's over.

A couple of private boats moored in the natural harbor.

Heading out to sea, and looking back at where we had been.

It is a pretty landscape.

The tide is out.

The entire island is a UNESCO Geopark.

Kilim Geoforest Park.

Our boat could probably seat 20 people, but there were only the four of us.

We were dropped off at a beach that is only accessible by boat.

Some people just went for a swim, but we wandered the interesting shoreline.

There were several other boats there at the same time.

Interesting erosion.

Next up was the eagles.

We went to a different area of the mangrove river where the fishermen in the old days used to throw fish parts back in the water, and the white bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites would pick up the leftovers to eat. This practice stopped in 2007 when the area became a UNESCO Geopark, however now the tour boats continue feeding them.

I wish I had my old zoom camera for times like this, but still managed to get a few good shots...

Next, to another area to see two tribes of monkeys. They live on opposite sides of the river bank, and although they can swim, they don't get along and fight if together.

People bring fruit for them, and they are quite happy to hop onto your boat to get it!

Love this shot of mom with her little one.

Leila had some orange pieces for this one.

Mangrove roots.

And then we stopped for a late lunch. Typical rice and chicken, which is exactly what we expected. As far as inexpensive food goes, there is a lot of rice and chicken on this island! We'll be quite happy to get to Cambodia to try something different.

Last up was going through a cave in the boat... kinda cool... I took a video for you...

Overall, I think we got our money's worth. We saw some parts of the island you wouldn't see without a boat, our driver was good, and we were lucky to have only two other people with us, and they were fun to have around as well. 

Back at the room, I had a nap and then we headed down to the street food market that happens every Saturday and Wednesday. We bought some take away dinner as well as some things that we could have for breakfast because we are getting up early to do a big hike! And what a hike it would be!

This girl was expert at wrapping our breakfast into these paper containers!

We each had some noodles and chicken... a nice change from rice and chicken!

Up early Thursday morning big hike next!

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And in Canada...

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  1. Very interesting tour...love the wildlife! Were there mosquitoes? Whenever we have been anywhere near mangroves, seems like there were always plenty of mosquitoes. Hope not!


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