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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Thursday is a travel day!

Thursday is a travel day for us! So we're going to get up and pack, have breakfast and get out the door! We're headed to Langkawi Island for 8 days. Most people would probably take the direct 30 minute flight from Penang Island to Langkawi Island, but it's actually kind of expensive for such a short flight. 

Besides, we're not most people!

So instead of that direct 30 minute flight, we're going to get a Grab taxi to take us to the ferry port. Then a half hour ferry to the mainland. Then an hour train ride up to the city of Alor Setar. Then a Grab taxi to the Kuala Kedah ferry port. Then an hour and a half on another ferry. Then another Grab taxi to our hotel. 

That all sounds a lot more interesting than a half hour flight! And less than half of the price!

On Wednesday, we took a Grab taxi up to the dam where we had been the day before. We wanted to walk to a viewpoint that looks out over the western part of the island.

But first, another great breakfast to start us off...

Our host made fresh sourdough bread for us.

Wow... what a breakfast. 
That's fresh homemade mushroom soup in the bowl.

It's a paved path the whole way.

You still see a few rubber trees being tapped.

Made it to the viewpoint overlooking the west coast.

Zoomed in a bit.

I spotted this huge spider!

It was about 5" from top to bottom!
Click on the photo to see the detail.

Back on the path home.

Monkeys along the way.

We ended up doing almost 12 kms (7.5 miles). Back at the homestay it was nap time!

We decided on a more upscale restaurant for dinner. For no reason other than to mix things up a little. Can't be eating the same thing all the time.

Ruth had the duck breast.

And I had the Norwegian Salmon.

Not bad. My salmon was overcooked, but it was still pretty good. Ruth said her duck breast seemed a little "processed" or salted, or something. but it was still all very reasonably priced. Including a beer and a non-alcoholic mojito the bill was RM80 ($17.25 USD, $23 CAD) total for the two of us.

Anyhow... gotta go. Next post coming to you from Langkawi Island!

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And in Canada...


  1. Much better than flying! The coastal pic is cool!

    1. It really is. We don't mind flying but you miss the scenery when you fly plus we love taking the train when we can.

  2. Nice hike...that spider is awesome. Yes, I am one of the strange folks who loves spiders, now that I know how many bad bugs they eat! I thought Ruth's meat looked like ham. Based on what you said, it sounds like it may have been smoked. Both your entrees look overcooked, and French fries are certainly not upscale, so I hope you didn't pay too much! Sometimes higher prices don't equal better food. But your breakfast looked divine!

    1. It was a nice hike, we really didn't see much in the way of scenery until we got to that view point but it was still nice and very peaceful, not a lot of people on that road/path. We agree spiders are great as long as they aren't poisonous or in our bedroom. We enjoy looking at them but we don't want them on us either. :-)

      I am not sure if my "duck" breast was smoked but it was definitely salty and the consistency of it made me think of the really cheap chicken breasts that you can buy back home, it certainly seemed like it was processed in some way, definitely not what I was expecting. Our total bill with a beer was $17.25 USD, ($23 CAD), so no we didn't really pay a lot but definitely more than if we bought a regular meal at the other restaurant we have been too. We certainly wouldn't recommend this place. Our breakfast on the other hand was delicious. I could handle a breakfast or lunch like this every day. :-)


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