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Monday, June 6, 2022

It doesn't matter how expensive a country is if you don't buy anything!

We got up at 6:30am (sunrise is at 4:30am!) and decided to do some driving right away. As I've said before, we're trying to conserve our cellular data, and so far it's been pretty easy to find free WiFi in just about any town. Every town has a library, although the hours vary a lot, and not all of them have unsecured WiFi. And, most grocery stores, even the small ones seem to have an unsecured connection.

Speaking of grocery stores, we haven't been in one yet. We arrived on June 1st, and today is the 6th and we haven't spent any money in Norway yet! 

So although Norway is typically known to be an expensive country, it doesn't matter how expensive a country is if you don't buy anything! But that will change today. We need a few grocery items so we'll be doing a bit of shop this morning. Will report back to you on pricing tomorrow.

Nobody on the road.

Barriers to prevent rocks falling on the road.

Beautiful Norway.

Passing through a village.

Scenery along the way.

More scenery.

This is a private gated summer home community.
We've noticed several similar.

We went through a tunnel.

And came out the other side.

Near the town of Tonstad.

All of the photos above were taken during a 60 km (36 mile) drive. It's just so scenic!

Tonstad has a service station that has a free full serve RV dump station and water fill, so we took advantage of that, and then parked Max and went for a bike ride around town.

Interesting home with vegetation growing on the roof!

New cycling path beside the main road.

We walked up this dirt road to check out a possible overnight spot.

The town of Tonstad is in a beautiful location.

The town beach was quite busy.

But then as you can see, it was a gorgeous day. We've been really lucky so far in that regard, because Norway typically gets quite a lot of rain at this time of year. We know it's coming though... there is definitely rain in the forecast this week. But we certainly enjoyed it while we could!

Looking down the fjord at Tonstad.

We had a chuckle at this sign.
It translates to "Speed bump".

The motorhome parking area.

It's just a parking spot with no services. And too close to the main road.
Cost is 100 kr ($13.50 CAD, $10.50 USD).

But good for the town for providing a beautiful RV parking area (six spots) at a reasonable cost. However, we still don't see the need to pay when nearby sites like this are available for free...

Max parked at GPS 58.684051, 6.71985

We're excited to be meeting up with friends today! Marti and Ryan are a young couple from Texas who sat in front of us on the plane when we flew from Doha, Qatar to Kilimanjaro in January 2021. They also hiked Kilimanjaro but they did it while we were climbing Mt. Meru. We've kept in touch and we are meeting here in Norway to do some hiking together over the next couple of weeks! We've got some interesting stuff planned for you... stay tuned!

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And in Canada...


  1. It's fun to see how long you can go without spending any money. I remember, my Norwegian friends once talked about having a Fjord Falcon!

    1. It certainly is but it is hard when you live in a small space to go too long before you need to buy something!

      Lol, you had me on the "Fjord" Falcon! Here I am trying to find a bird here in Norway called a Fjord Falcon! :-P


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