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Saturday, June 4, 2022

And we're not even in the good parts of Norway yet!

It's so nice not to have much of a plan, and simply be able wander and explore at our leisure. And especially when there is so much to see... and we're not even in the good parts of Norway yet!

Yesterday we drove a little further north. But only a little... 40 kms (25 miles) to be exact!

There's not much distance between attractions and so we stop and get out at many viewpoints and hiking trails.

Kevin, at the Otra River.

There was a group here practicing white water kayaking.

This is the beginner area.

We think we could do this section!

But not this section!

We might be adventurous in some ways, but this is not one of them!

The water is really moving here.

There goes another one.

And another.

Made it!

And the water is ice cold. No thanks! We'll stick with hiking. But it was fun watching them.

Scenery along the way.

We stopped in the town of Byglandsfjord.
The old train station has been turned into a library.

We wandered around town for a bit, and then headed to a nearby trail...

They have good informational signs at the trails.

Looking back at Max parked at the trailhead.

Looking out from Tjovhola Cave.

The sign said 2 hours duration, but we were up and back in an hour. We didn't think we were rushing, so it will be interesting in future hikes how we do compared to what the sign says. Not that it's a race, of course. But we are curious how they came up with 2 hours for this particular hike.

Me, and the view.

Norway scenery.

We were prepared to do more, but the next trail we came to said it was 8 kms (5 miles) round trip and takes 6-8 hours. Now, we're pretty sure the timing isn't accurate for us on that one as well, but we decided to go find somewhere to park up and come back and do it in the morning.

We could have easily stayed overnight at the trailhead, but it's beside a fairly busy road. Norway is fairly motorhome friendly and unless there is a sign prohibiting it, you can stay the night just about anywhere. We drove up a single lane gravel road that led to a small dam and pumphouse supplying the village water.

Max, parked at GPS 58.710913, 7.844941

The small dam.

View out Max's front window.

Just us in the forest. Nice and quiet except for the sound of the water. The only person we saw was a girl walking her dog.

So, we're headed out early to do that 8 km (5 mile) hike. Looks like a gorgeous day, calling for a high of 23C (73F)!

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