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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

To go, or not to go...

We woke up to rain and fog Monday morning. And the forecast for the rest of the day was calling for 90% chance of precipitation. We contemplated simply moving on, but we really wanted to do the bike ride along the fjord.

For the balance of the morning, we tossed around the idea of leaving. To go, or not to go?

Ultimately, we decided to stay put. If it continued raining, at least we still had a beautiful view out the side window. 

We put on our raincoats and opened the umbrellas and did the short walk over to the small shop to pick up a few items. We need to do a bigger shop as well, but the small store was pricey so we only picked up what we needed to get through the day. 

As we walked back from the store, the rain stopped. And by the time we had finished lunch, we thought it might be worth the effort to get the bikes off the back. We put the raincoats in a backpack and took off on the bikes. Worse case scenario, we might get wet. It's only water.

Scenery along the way.

Stopped for a break just to take it all in.

So we're riding along, and we come around a corner and wow! There's a huge waterfall crashing down with such force that it's blowing water across the road. A lot of water!

Ruth at the base of the falls.

We got up as close as we could, and with a vehicle it would have been okay to cross. But the falls were causing such a wind that we were honestly afraid of getting blown off our bikes! And even if that didn't happen, we would have got soaking wet. So we decided to turn around and take a different road.

Ruth, wondering if we should try to cross or not.

We went back to the village and took a different road that went inland towards some farms.

Funny wood carved mailbox holder.

Heading up through the farms.

No, this isn't a private driveway, although at first I thought it was.

We got some exercise going up this road.

We stopped and turned around here.

There is a trailhead at this location, and if the forecast had been better I would have driven Max up here for a night or two. Simply beautiful boondocking spot surrounded by waterfalls. In fact, from standing in this location we could probably count 8 different waterfalls.

So glad we decided to hang around and see if we could get out for a ride. We ended up doing 17 kms (10.5 miles) which is not as far as we wanted to go due to being turned around by that waterfall at the side of the road. But still, an enjoyable ride.

Lots more rain overnight, but so far today it's just overcast. Calling for sunshine Wednesday and Thursday though, so we're looking forward to that!

Nice price drop on this Anker USB C Wall Charger.

And in Canada...


  1. What a beautiful bike ride yet again! You were smart to turn around at that waterfall, I think. In addition to getting yourselves soaked, getting bikes soaked isn't at all good for the components. Oh, I've been caught in the rain many times, of course, but I never do that on purpose, as it means a lot of bike cleaning and possibly even chain lubing when I get home. I like to keep things as low maintenance as possible!

    1. It certainly was and I think we will be having a few more before this trip in Norway is finished.

      This true, my brother is a bike technician and he said to never wash our bikes using a pressure washer and if we had gone past that waterfall I think that the pressure would have been similar. Honestly I was worried about being pushed over by the pressure, I am glad that we didn't go ahead and try to bike past it.


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