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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Cruise ships in the fjord

We were parked at the trailhead and the weather turned out better than expected. We weren't originally planning to do the Prest Mountain trail, but I did some reading on the internet and even though it's a fairly short hike, it sounded like it was a good one just for the views of the fjord.

So we set off at 10:00am, headed uphill.

It was listed as a 2.5 kms (1.1 mile) hike, but it gains 550 meters (1,800') in that short distance. Uphill, every step of the way. But that's okay because we need the exercise.

It didn't take long to get a view!

Can you see the paraglider in the center of the photo just above the water?

Looking towards Flam.

Scenery along the way.

We are headed up there!

Looking inland.
We would be taking that road later in the day.

Climbing higher.

We can now see the village of Flam in the distance at the end of the fjord.
It looks like there might be a cruise ship in port.

Zoomed in.
The Iota is a fairly new ship, built in 2020. 
It carries over 5,500 passengers.

Heading higher.

Oh, there's another cruise ship coming in!

I took a video for you...

Fantastic scenery, and while I'm sure it looks really pretty from the deck of the ship, I doubt it can match the views from the hiking trail.

I do love the zoom lens!

Me, above the fjord.

Still climbing higher.

It was pretty steep in sections!

Enjoying the views.

It took almost two hours of steady climbing to make it to the top.

There's the road we drove up on the day before.

View from the top.

And looking the other way.

It only took an hour to get back down though.

Max was waiting patiently for us.

The next adventure was driving Max over the mountain to Laerdal. We were already pretty high up, but we were headed up into the snow!

This route is closed during winter.

Looking back at where we came from.

There is still a lot of snow up here.

All winter traffic (and most summer traffic) take the Laerdal Tunnel.... the world's longest traffic tunnel, at 24 kms (15 miles). The old route over the mountain is narrow in places, with pull off passing sections. 

Still a lot of snow up here. And likely some glacier sections as well.

It looks quite "arctic" up here, doesn't it?

This snowbank was taller than Max.

The mid afternoon temperature as we were driving through this section was 6C (43F).

Pulled off to admire the views.

We sat and had a late lunch up here.

The summer cabins are not yet occupied.

Heading down the other side, I didn't touch the gas pedal for 16 kms (10 miles).

Back at lower elevations.

On the outskirts of Laerdal.

Max, parked at GPS 61.099528, 7.480516

We found a decent parking spot in the town, and decided it was good enough to spend the night. 7 or 8 other campervans and motorhomes decided the same thing, but we were well spread out and it was a very quiet night.

Here's a map of our route the last couple of days...

Looks like things are warming up for a day or two... calling for 23C (73F) this afternoon!

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And in Canada...


  1. To see such beautiful pictures of a part if the world I'll never see, I'll never complain about those posts or the side ads. I'm glad the opportunity is there for you to defray your costs.

    1. We are so happy that you are enjoying our pictures and posts and the you don't mind the odd sponsored post or the ads in order to see these posts because it really does help to keep us on the road and exploring so that we can let others know what different parts of the world are like through our eyes. :-)

  2. Even more breathe taking scenery.
    If having ads helps pay the bills why not.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We don't think there is a bad view anywhere in Norway, it is such a gorgeous country and we are so happy to show others what it is like, even if we have to hike to the edge of the earth to show you, lol!

      The sponsored posts and ads definitely do help to keep us on the road and bringing you pictures and stories like these, thanks for following along.

  3. Absolutely spectacular hike! Your header photo and the first one of Ruth are just stunning. Too bad you don't have a wall to cover with beautiful framed photos, but I'm sure you'd rather be out there living life to the fullest rather than framing your memories!

    1. It was another fantastic hike! Norway is definitely a hiker's paradise, we are loving it here.

      You are correct, we would rather be out exploring the world than looking at the pictures on the wall. :-)

  4. Fantastic pictures of the fjord with the snow-capped mountains!

    1. Thank you Chris! The scenery here is out of this world, we are definitely in our happy place here with all the hiking that is available. :-)


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