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Friday, June 3, 2022

Staying in shape for what's to come!

It was such a nice campsite that we had for our first night in Norway that we decided to stay a second night. We were located right beside a nice bike trail, so Ruth packed us a lunch while I got the bikes ready to go.

We had no idea what route we were going to follow, or how long we were going to be gone.

The trail started out as an old rail trail... now mixed use for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. But eventually we just ended up on some back roads, which was actually a good experience because it gave us an idea of how well maintained the back roads are in Norway. In Albania, or Bulgaria for example, you have to be pretty cautious taking your camper onto the backroads because they can deteriorate quickly. If yesterday is an example, Norway backroads are well suited for motorhome travel.

Ruth, heading for the tunnel.

Waterfall along the way.

Wish we had some kayaks, or a canoe!

In fact, there were a couple of canoers who had been camped here and we spoke to them for a bit. If we were in a similar area in Canada (Algonquin Park or northern Ontario as examples) we wouldn't be able to be outside at this time of year without being swarmed by mosquitos and black flies.

We haven't seen a single mosquito since we arrived, which is a bit surprising. Not a single one. Or black flies. We could have sat outside last night for hours without being bothered at all. Now, I have read that Norway does in fact have a lot of mosquitos, but it's mostly in the eastern part of the country near Sweden.

The local girl we spoke to said they were also a bit surprised that they were able to camp under an open shelter and also weren't bothered by any bugs. But she also said she thought it was still too early in season and there would be more in July and August. I guess we'll see, since we are here until July 26th.

But for now, it sure is enjoyable to be outside without any bugs!

Natural roof insulation!

Another waterfall.

It's a really pretty trail.

Another tunnel.

The dam.

Looking off the other side of the dam.

Yet another tunnel.

Scenery along the way.

We saw a picnic area listed in a small village, so decided to head there. Along the way, we saw an interesting looking hydroelectric dam, so we detoured to have a look...

The dam is listed as a historical landmark.

The main building is under renovation.

Slate roof tiles for the renovation.

Where we had our lunch.

From this point, we had a choice of either returning the same way we came, or doing a longer circular route that included part of the main highway. We chose the highway route. It was a little busy, but they had some bicycle friendly sections so it wasn't too bad.

We ended up doing 34 kms (21 miles) with a fair number of hilly sections. That's okay... we've got to stay in shape for what's to come! There is definitely going to be lots of biking and hiking done over the next few weeks! 

Back at Max, another van arrived. A couple of girls from France. It was a nice four wheel drive Mercedes Hymer unit. Very nice, and I'm sure pricey! I should have got a photo of it.

Another camper van pulled in about 10:00pm. Of course it's still light out at that hour. They pulled in, sat for ten minutes, then pulled out again. Very strange.

Sunrise is now at 4:30am, and sunset at 10:30pm. There is now 18 hours of daylight every day!

We're moving on this morning. Not very far, but no idea where we'll end up.

Record low deal on this Coleman 2 Person Sundome Tent. Super cheap.

And in Canada...


  1. Oh, what a lovely bike ride! I would have enjoyed that. Looks like you have that part of the country almost to yourselves. :)

    1. It was a fantastic bike ride, except for the little section that we had to do on the highway. It had great scenery and just enough ups and downs to give us a good workout. It does look like we have it to ourselves but as soon as you hit the highway there is a fair bit of traffic and a ton of RVs! The idea is too find places well off the highway and then you are golden. :-)

  2. Some of those pictures of the coast could have been taken along Maine' s rocky shores.

    1. It may look coastal but in fact these are all pictures of either lakes or rivers that we biked by. You are correct though it could easily look like scenery in Maine, northern Ontario, Newfoundland or even the Yukon and Alaska.

  3. Wow...is about all I can say. I can't wait to finish Norway with you and I can truly understand your excitement as well. Happy trails

    1. I think we said WOW a few times already! We are going to enjoy this trip so much, the scenery is beautiful and we haven't even got to the really good parts of the country. :-)


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