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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Slight detour!

It was chilly when we woke up Tuesday morning. Glad to have had the electric heat on overnight! But outside, it was only about 2C (35F) and windy. Not nice.

We got all of our chores done and filled Max's water tank and hit the road. We weren't planning on a long drive... only about 80 kms (50 miles) to another campground with electricity. 

The cold snap wasn't supposed to last much longer than two days. We figured we'd do one more night in a campground and then things were supposed to start warming up a bit.

Scenery along the way.

But it wasn't long, and there were snow flurries!

I was watching the temperature on the dash as we were climbing. It wasn't long before I saw it at the freezing point... 0C (32F). And it was snowing. This isn't what we signed up for! 

I hadn't checked the altitude of the campground we were planning on stopping at, and up there they were calling for an overnight low of -7C (19F)!

This is near where the campground we had thought about was located.
This was at about 1,500 meters (5,000') altitude.

Time for a change of plans.

I checked the weather at the Black Sea coast. There, it was a high of 11C (52F) and a low of 5C (41F). That's a little better. So we decided to detour to the Black Sea coast.

It was another two hours drive, and it was a bit of a detour from our original route to Istanbul. But it was worth it.

As we came down in elevation there was some flooding.

Not sure!

Things are much greener as we got lower!

Leaves are on the trees again.

Coming into the city of Zonguldak (pop 110,000).

Our route took us right through the city.

We are now at the Black Sea!
And with sunshine and blue skies!

Waterfall by the road.

We found an event salon with parking by the seaside. Nothing special, but it will do for the night. At least we're not cold!

Yesterday's drive, 219 kms (136 miles).

It's still unseasonable cold with a forecast high of 11C (52F) here today, but it's supposed to warm up tomorrow and be 18C (65F) and sunny when we arrive in Istanbul on Friday.

Nice price drop on the original Fire TV Stick.

And in Canada...


  1. Glad you found some warmth on the Black sea. I like your photo titled...not sure...I'm not sure either. We travelled by bus to the Black sea a couple of years ago and went as far east as Samsun. On the way we stopped a couple of nights at Safranbolu where the old part of the town is World Heritage listed for it's well preserved Ottoman era houses where we stayed in one for an interesting experience and pleasant experience. I hope you enjoy the last of your days in Turkey, it was fabulous spending little time with you both in Antalya. We already think we,ll be back there in September.

    1. We are glad that we made the detour to the Black Sea. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, the temperature was still a little cool but nothing like what it was inland.

      We would love to have stopped at Safranbolu, it actually wasn't too far off the trail for us but the weather would have been terrible the day that we would have gone there. That was the same day that we drove through the snow flurries and saw that the temperature was going down in the negative numbers for the night. There are still a lot of places that we haven't seen, especially in the northern part of the country so we will just have to make a return visit again some day. Hopefully the next time we come will be during the spring so that we can do the northern part of the country and then go into Georgia and Armenia for the summer and then returning back through Turkey in the fall.

      It was wonderful meeting both you and Bob in Antalya and hopefully we will meet up again somewhere down the road. Glad that you will be back again in September, that would be a nice time of the year to visit.


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