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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Our last hike at Cappadocia

There are a lot of hikes around Cappadocia and we will return to the region someday to compete the ones that we missed. This is the second post of today... if you missed it, you might want to check out The Balloons of Cappadocia.

On Wednesday, we did the Sword Valley and Rose Valley hikes. We walked from where Max was parked, so we ended up doing a total of about 15 kms (9.3 miles).

We thought that the trail started opposite the Open Air Museum. 

That's where we are headed!

Horse Ranch.

Tourist trinket place.

Parking lot at the Open Air Museum.

We passed on the museum, We read some of the reviews, and like most things in Cappadocia, we felt that it's overpriced. As we've said before, there is a lot to see in Cappadocia that's totally free. Especially if you're a hiker.

Church built into the sandstone.

Unfortunately it was locked up.

Looking down.

Ruth exploring!

Some other vans parked up in the valley.

And some more parked on the upper ridge.

These horses have an interesting stable.

Mom and little one.

Me, and the view.

Slot canyon.

Ruth, coming up behind me.

Very cool!

We would not want a rig like this.
However, the windows are very cute!

Scenery along the way.

Ruth and the view.

Other tourists.

Once again, we are so glad to be here during low season. We can't imagine what it would be like during busy season with all of the ATV's buzzing around. 

Just another view.

I like this shot.

Some of the caves are large.

Painting inside a cave church.

Carved ceiling inside the church.

Pigeon coops from 2,500 years ago that the pigeons still use.

Spectacular scenery.

Carved caves everywhere you look.

I zoomed in on this opening way high up.

Inside another carved church.

We've really enjoyed Cappadocia. It's easy to see why it's become a tourist attraction. But it's still a shame that it has become a tourist attraction!

We're moving on today... to the fantastic Ihlara Valley.

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And in Canada...


  1. Just so very cool, and looks like you have it all to yourselves!

    1. It was fantastic and for the most part we did pretty much have the hike to ourselves. There certainly were more people on this hike compared to the others but they really were only at about two different places on the hike other than that, it was just us. :-)


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