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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Blue Rocks Nature Park near Sliven, Bulgaria

They had been calling for a decent day on Friday, but we woke up to raindrops and they continued on and off until after lunch. At least it's warming up though, with an afternoon high near 20C (68F). And today it's supposed to be sunny and 24C (75F). That's almost shorts and t-shirt weather!

We decided to drive up into the mountains in behind the city of Sliven. 

Blue Rocks Nature Park is a popular summer excursion for the people of Sliven because it's located a couple of thousand feet higher in altitude, so it's a bit cooler up there. There are also lots of hiking trails and a few places where Max can free camp overnight.

This is where we had parked Thursday night at GPS 42.701892, 26.349827

The road up to the park was actually in pretty good condition... better than most of the main roads we've been on!

Heading up into the mountains.

No leaves on the trees up here yet.

And still a few patches of snow on the ground.

We found a place to park at the base of the big antenna. It turns out this is a popular viewpoint and quite a few people drive up here to have a look. Quiet at night though.

You can see the top of the chair lift.

Zoomed in on the chairlift.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

Big antenna!

There is a paragliding runway up here.

A fire salamander.
He was moving pretty slowly... still cold of course!

Beside the tower is this building.
Looks like it might have been designed to be a hotel and never finished.

We walked over to the chair lift and did a short hike to another viewpoint on the other side.

Sunset is now around 8:00pm, so it's nice that it stays light this late. Looked like it might be a pretty sunset so we went for a short walk to the nearest viewpoint...

Another day done.

Beautiful start to the day today, so we're headed out on another hike this morning!


And in Canada...


  1. Looks pretty good for hiking around. Are you hearing lots of birds in the mornings?

    1. There are tons of hiking trails here in the park, we are in heaven here. :-)

      Yes, we are hearing lots of birds and not just in the morning, we heard them all through our hike yesterday.

  2. Looks like you guys were above the clouds on your hike. Pretty cool.

    1. There were a few very low lying clouds below us but the majority of the clouds were still above us. It really is a pretty area though.

  3. Enjoying your journey from Coeur d'Alene, Thanks for keeping on...stay safe, stay healthy

    1. So glad that you are enjoying our adventures. I hope you are enjoying some nice spring weather in Coeur d'Alene.

  4. Replies
    1. It is a great spot, so much so that we stayed a second night. :-)


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