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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Can't ask for much better than that!

Just an all around nice day! Sunshine and blue sky with a high around 25C (77F). Can't ask for much better than that!

So we got the bikes off in the morning and went for a ride. For a small city, Ruse has some nice bike routes.

Part of the path followed the top of the flood wall beside the Danube River...

Barges on the Danube.

A river cruise boat on the Romania side.

Zoomed in on the bridge we will be crossing to Romania.

Ruse has lots of park space.
This rose garden will be in bloom in a couple of weeks.

Not sure.

Garden vase.

Bike path through the city.

This church only opened in 2017.

A museum for the Bulgaria uprising.

We went back to Max and had some lunch, and then after lunch we walked to the central area. They have one main street that is pedestrian only.

Interesting decorations.

The Bulgarian Statue of Liberty!

Pedestrian street.

Lots of fountains.

The Ruse library.

Horse Chestnut trees in bloom.

The opera house... and another fountain.

Next to the opera house is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Built underground in 1632, it is the oldest church in the area. They charge to go in, but I wasn't interested, so Ruth paid the 4 lev ($2.75 CAD, $2.20 USD) entrance fee and went in and took some photos...

Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The Justice Building.

Architecture along the way.

We walked back along the riverfront.

End of a beautiful day.

Woke up to more blue sky and sunshine today! We are getting spoiled!

Today, we cross into Romania.

Shark Robot Vac. Record low deal!

And in Canada...


  1. Ruse looks like a nice town, lots of parks and trees and especially Lindens, which we saw lots of in Vienna at the end of summer as the petals were falling and we had a carpet of petals to walk on.

    1. We both really enjoyed Ruse, it is a nice small city with lots of parks and trees as you have mentioned. It is my mistake on the Linden trees, they are actually Horse Chestnut trees. Everyone was talking about the linden trees in bloom that I just figured that's what those trees were. Having said that they do have lots of linden trees from what everyone implies anyways but they hadn't started blooming yet.

  2. Now that church would interest me. Great photos! What a sunset and place to park!

    1. It was an interesting church to wander around and you could feel it's age in there. I enjoyed looking around it.

      We had a great spot to park for the two nights and both nights we had nice sunsets over the Danube River.


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