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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

At the Danube River on the Romania border

Our quick trip through Bulgaria is almost over. We're on a deadline now to get to the northern tip of Denmark in time for our ferry booking to Norway on June 1st. So we're not doing many detours... we are sightseeing when appropriate along our chosen route.

But, there are quite a few things we want to see and do along the way. And, people to see!

We were in Romania for the month of November, 2016, so it is not a new country for us. We got on well with a couple of couchsurfers who hosted us in the town of Alba Iulia and we've stayed in touch, so we have contacted them and are heading to that town. Unfortunately they are no longer a couple, but are still friends. We only found out yesterday that she now lives nearer to the southwest of Romania, so we are going to detour that way.

We will stay in Romania until May 10th or so, then carry on west through Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia where we have been in touch with another previous couchsurfing couple who now live in Prague. We've been to Prague before, so may not be going into the city itself, but will meet up with this other young couple.

Then into Germany. We will make a stop at our motorhome dealer, and then head to north Denmark for June 1st.

It sounds like a lot of driving, and it is... but it averages out to less than 100 kms (60 miles) a day. So we'll do some longer days, and we'll take some days off from driving. 

Yesterday, we drove to the small city of Ruse (pop 145,000). Located on the Danube River at the border of Romania.

The highway was actually in pretty good condition, but it was a really busy road.

First, we had to get out of central Veliko Tarnovo, which we did at 7:30am.

The main highway was actually in pretty good shape.

These two photos don't show it, but it was a very busy highway.

Arriving in Ruse.
There are a lot of cycle paths here.

We parked up with a view of the Danube River watching the barges go by.

There is the occasional river cruise boat as well.

We had met Australian couple Sel and Linda when we were in Antalya. They were in the neighborhood as well, so came over to meet us here. It was fun to have happy hour together.

Ruth, Sel, and Linda.

It's supposed to be another gorgeous day, so we are staying put and going for a bike ride!

Here is the route we took through Bulgaria...

Nice price drop on Blink Outdoor Cameras.

And in Canada...


  1. Aaah I remember you parking by Danube River last least I thought so.

    1. It was the Rhine River that we were parked beside last summer but still a busy river with barges and river cruise boats going by.

  2. Hi to Sel and Linda. So glad you met up again.

    1. We will pass along the hello to them. Yes, it was nice to see them again and have a little more time to talk together. We hope you are both enjoying Vlore, Ablania. :-)

  3. Pretty cool to meet people you know in far away places!

    1. Lol, we only met them briefly in Antalya for a couple of hours along with some other folks but it was still nice to meet up with them once again.


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