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Friday, April 8, 2022

Cappadocia to Ihlara Valley

But before we left Cappadocia there was one last thing we wanted to do. Go for a bike ride! I had seen that there is a bike path running between Goreme and Avanos.

It turned out to be just a marked off section of the main road, not really a bike path. But it was still a good ride and we got some more photos of an area we hadn't been to yet.

Going from Goreme to Avanos was a very slight but steady downhill. Hardly had to peddle at all for 10 kms (6.2 miles)! But knowing of course that we would have to peddle a lot to return!

Scenery along the way.

We stopped to take a few more photos.

How long until that rock falls down?

Very cool scenery.

The river running through Avanos.

Not much to see in Avanos.

But, we did 20 kms (13 miles) and got a good work out coming back. Had some lunch then on the road to Ihlara Valley.

We stopped in the city of Nevşehir and did some stocking up and found a Turkcell store to add some more data to the phone. 110 lira ($9.40 CAD, $7.50 USD) for 24 GB.

Then we took the backroads to Ihlara Valley. 

Outskirts of Nevşehir.

Not the most interesting drive.

81 kms (51 miles) later we had found a water fill point at the side of the road and there was enough room to park for the night so that's where we stayed. We're right above Ihlara Valley. At first glance, it's more of a canyon than a valley. There's a lot of hiking in the canyon, and that's what we're here for. It looks like it's going to be pretty interesting!

So we're sitting before supper and we see a huge flock of sheep having a stampede towards where we are parked. There is a water trough here coming from the well, and they were here for a drink. They must have been thirsty because they couldn't wait!

Sheep stampede!

Taken through Max's front window.

Too funny.

Supposed to rain this afternoon, so we are off for an early hike.

Yesterday's drive, 81 kms (51 miles).


And in Canada...


  1. Well, Cappadocia has been grand. Always wanted to go there, and almost feel now as if I've been. Thanks for the ride!

    1. For being a big tourist area it really has been wonderful even for us! Luckily we found some great places to see the beautiful scenery yet stay away from the crowds.

      We hope that you will still make it here yourself one day, it really is a special place to see, we are still glad that we were able to bring it to you virtually and are very glad that you enjoyed the pictures and the posts. :-)

  2. The rock features look like you could add a planet to your travel list. So interesting!

    1. They do look like they are from out of this world a little, but they definitely remind us of some of the hoodoos out west in both the US and in Canada, just on a much bigger scale.

  3. Those rock formations remind me of the desert southwest again, except in white rather than red rock. Very cool! Glad you got to ride your bikes again. :)

    1. They remind us of some of the hoodoos out west as well. The neat thing about the rock formations here though is that each valley is slightly different both in their formations and in their colours. One valley is called White Valley because the rock is more white, and then you have Rose Valley and Red Valley both because of their colours.

      We were glad to get out on our bicycles again as well. :-)

  4. The rock formations are amazing so very interesting. Thanks for sharing

    1. They certainly are and we really enjoyed our time here, despite it being a big tourist area but luckily it is their off season and we were there during the week. We are glad that you enjoyed our pictures and our posts. :-)


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