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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Spring hiking in the snow in Turkiye!

I know, many of you will think "what are they doing in the snow??" and it's a good question since we often talk about not liking the cold and the snow. And now that shorts and t-shirt weather has returned to Turkiye's southern coast, you would think that's where we would be!

But for a week or two, we really don't mind the snow. It's when you have to put up with cold and snow for seven months in a row that we really don't enjoy it. 

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Yesterday we went for a hike in the snow. We did 7 kms (4.3 miles) with a decent amount of up and down.

For the first hour, there was a lot of up!

Heading up into the snow.

The crocus flowers are coming up!

Heading higher.

Fortunately, the trails here are really well marked. We could see that other hikers had come up as far as the major viewpoint, but after that we were the trailblazers because we were the first ones through the snow other than a few deer.

Starting to get a view.

Looking down on the resort property.

Me, and the view.

Heading higher... lots of stairs!

Ruth's view looking back at me.

Another viewpoint.

I took a video as we approached the main viewpoint...


What a great view!

Looking to the right.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

Spring wildflowers.

Hiking in the snow.

What a beautiful place.

Looking down on the reservoir.

Scenery along the way.

Heading back down, the route takes us on a dirt road.

Some of the rental accommodation at the resort.

Where Max is parked.

They have actual campsites as well, but they are still too wet and muddy so they said we could park here and run an extension cord. It's not that level, but I made it work!

Activities for the kids... and some adults that could also squeeze in!

Wandering around, we met a guy who had a resort t-shirt on, and spoke to us in English. It turns out he's the park manager, so it was nice to talk to him and get some information. He worked and lived in London, England for a while and speaks English with a British accent. 

It turns out that the park is fully open year round, including the restaurant and shop. Busier on weekends of course, and it all depends on the weather. On a summer weekend, the place is packed. During the week at this time of year it's pretty quiet though. We told him we would go to the restaurant for lunch today. 

We went back to Max, had some lunch and I had a quick nap. Then we went out for another hike down to the reservoir.

Not as nice of a hike as our earlier one. Much of the route was too wet and muddy. But, we needed the exercise!

Playground for the kids.

We stopped by the little shop they have here and bought an ice cream. Just guessing, but we could easily have been the first sale of the day, and the day was almost over. 

We normally buy the Magnum ice cream bars because they are delicious and available all over the world, and they are very cheap here in Turkiye, normally selling for around 11 lira ($0.95 CAD, $0.75 USD) for the full size bars.

But they didn't have any! So we picked up a couple of what they had...

These ones cost 3.5 lira each... ($0.29 cents CAD, $0.24 cents USD)!!!
Not as good as Magnum, but still a treat.

This is a beautiful place, and the scenery is right up our alley... so we're staying put yet another night. And, the weather is great! Today, we're doing another hike up to another viewpoint.

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  1. I just paid $5.00 for 3 bars on sale. Haagan Das

    1. For Canada/US that isn't too bad of a price and I know that Haagan Das would have been much better quality than our little ice cream bars but I like the price of these ones much better. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. We don't mind the snow when the temperatures are nice and spring like. :-)


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