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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Not much point in moving on

Another wet overcast day on Tuesday, but at least we managed to find a two hour window where we got out for decent walk.

Today is supposed to be worse, with pretty much non stop rain, and a total accumulation of more than two inches. We were going to move on just for the sake of moving on, but I think we've decided to just wait it out. We have electricity and a good strong cellular internet connection.

We want to see some things in Alanya which is only a half an hour down the road, but there's really no point in heading there during the rain.

Yesterday, we walked inland across the highway and took some of the back roads. Very strange to see lots of big apartment complexes being built, because other than the park we are staying at, we really don't see much attraction to this area.

New apartment building.

Many more new apartment buildings.

Catering to the English speaking crowd?

We were actually surprised to see that this area is so built up. It turns out that the many resorts on the coast cater to eastern European and Russian tourists. There's a big tourist section in town where there is a lot of English, and prices all in euros. Not our style at all, and there is so much more to see inland, but once again we are kind of stuck on the coast in order to get decent temperatures at this time of year. Hopefully it will get more remote as we head further east.

Dr. Teeth. Too funny.

We can't imagine this area during the busy season.

We'll try and get out for a walk in the rain, but otherwise it looks like a day of backgammon and cribbage. Maybe we'll watch a movie this afternoon if the rain beating down on the roof isn't too loud!

Supposed to clear up Thursday morning, and be really nice for a couple of days before showers return.

Where we are right now.

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And in Canada...


  1. We've been known to use our headphones in order to hear movies in the rain !

  2. Hope you guys are keeping up with the news regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If Putin decides to move on to Moldova, as there are some hinds that he intends to do so, that could start bringing the war a lot closer to your itinerary.

    1. Of course we are keeping up with the current news but for now our plans are staying the same.

  3. This current weather is fierce, I hope you have a sheltered spot where the wind doesnt blow the van around . We're on the 7th floor facing the sea and the building moves in the wind, it feels like an earthquake, and I know what they feel like having experienced them in Papua New Guinea and Sicily .

    1. It certainly is! We are definitely pretty sheltered here from the wind but if we moved just a few hundred meters closer to the beach area we would have been getting the full blast of the wind. The day itself was not as bad as they forecast but last night was pretty brutal as we went to bed. Our biggest fear was that a tree or tree branch might fall on us but everything was fine come morning. Thanks for thinking of us. :-)

  4. Yep, I wear headphones too when watching TV due to sometimes my dogs barking. I also have a slight hearing loss so to spare the other folks, I wear headphones so I can turn it up if necessary. Safe travels.

    1. We didn't need the headphones yesterday evening. The rain didn't start really pelting down until we were actually in bed reading.

  5. Sounds like fun to me staying put in the rain and hanging out!

    1. We would rather be out exploring but at least we were somewhere sheltered from the wind and the rain came on full force as we were climbing into bed, so we were comfy, warm and dry.


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