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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Geiranger, Norway!

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Monday, March 7, 2022

Summer plans... booked another flight!

Sunday was a rain day. They had called for showers on and off, but it rained pretty steady most of the day. We didn't get out of the motorhome for a walk until around 5:00pm!

So we played some backgammon and yahtzee, and did some computer time. We want to get back to Canada this summer, so I did some searching looking at flight possibilities.

My annual guys weekend away takes place in Jasper, Alberta this year, August 12-15. One of the guys lives in Calgary, so we are all flying there first. 

We have a credit with WestJet.. somewhere around $500 left over from a cancelled flight at the beginning of the pandemic. The credit is only valid until June 22nd. I noticed that WestJet has some insanely cheap pricing on some flights in and out of Calgary right now. Of course July and August is normally the most expensive time to travel anywhere in North America, which is why these deals are so odd.

I ended up booking us Calgary to Ottawa on August 16th for only $78 CAD ($61 USD) each, taxes included!

Somehow, we need to make our way to Calgary. The plan is that we will drop off Max at our dealer in Germany early August depending on what flight we get to Calgary. We could be flying out of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. If we fly out of Amsterdam, we would likely head there a couple of days early in order to spend a day or two in the city before our flight. We'll see.

Then we would drive down to Cabri Park in Saskatchewan for a couple of days to visit. Then back to Calgary where Ruth will spend some time with a couple of the wives while I go off to Jasper with the guys. Then on the 16th we would fly to Ottawa to spend a couple of weeks there before heading back to Europe.

That's the plan, but the plan is not written in stone. Of course the way the world is right now, all of this could change. We remain very flexible, and the only reason I booked the one flight that I did is because we have a credit that may expire anyhow, and the price was so good. I likely won't book the actual flights to and from Canada for another few months, unless a screaming deal comes along.

Yesterday, the rain finally stopped around 5:00pm and we didn't waste any time getting out for a walk.

We were headed down to the big rock. 
That's the one we climbed the 670 steps the day before.

But we didn't want to get our feet wet, so this was as far as we made it!

Back at Max, a couple of the strays were looking for a treat.

Just before sunset, the sun actually made an appearance! It was nice enough that we took a glass of wine and a snack and sat at the picnic table and played a few games of Backgammon.

It was nice enough to sit outside.

It's a nice spot, but our time here in Turkiye is now more than half over and there are other things we want to see and do, so we are heading further east today.

Record low deal on the Fire TV Cube.

And in Canada...


  1. It's always good to find a bargain airfare.

    1. It sure is and especially one in Canada they tend to be few and far between.


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