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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Max got a bath

Lots of comments yesterday regarding replacing our computers. The "Mac vs PC" arguments are still alive and well I see! We will stick with the more frugal choice. We have spent less money in ten years on PC laptops for the both of us than what it would have cost for one Mac laptop ten years ago. Hopefully they will last another few months until we get back to Canada in August.

Anyhow... Ford vs Chevy... who really cares, provided they both do the same job. 

We've had a relaxing three days here enjoying unlimited WiFi and electricity, but it's time to move on. Spring has arrived, and the forecast is beautiful for the next week or more! Blue skies, sunshine, and warming temperatures into the 20C's (70F's). Hopefully the weather guessers are right and they aren't just teasing us.

Max got a bath yesterday despite the fact that it rained a few times before and after his bath. He was overdue for a cleanup and looks much better.

Max, ready to hit the road again!

Max, parked at GPS 36.22573, 36.09402

We're headed to the coast again, not very far though. It's only about 30 kms to the amazing Titus Tunnel... built by the Romans to protect against flooding. Should be really interesting to see.

Hm. Now we are having a change of plans. We forget today is Sunday, and that area will be really busy with other people out enjoying the day. Maybe we will stay here one more night, and head there tomorrow. We'll see!

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And in Canada... 

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