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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Our first campground in Netherlands

Despite the fact that "wild camping" isn't allowed in the Netherlands, finding a free place to overnight hasn't been that difficult for us. It may often be just a parking lot, but when we can find more scenic places during the day, we try to spend most of the day there, and only move to our overnight spot later on.

But the problem is trying to find somewhere to empty and fill our tanks. In Germany, they have a lot of free or very cheap places to do this... in Netherlands, not so much!

So we've pretty much come to the conclusion that we need to spend a night in an actual official full service campground every four or five nights.

The second problem is that official full service campgrounds in the Netherlands are fairly expensive... like between €20 to €35 per night. But, there are some exceptions and I managed to find one.

Before we left Rhenen, we walked over to see the inside of the big church, but it was locked up tight.

Rhenen, Netherlands.

We figured we could probably go one more night if we had to, so along the way we made a minor detour to a riverfront site that I had found. 

This road runs along the top of a dyke.

Notice the specific markings for cyclists.

Apple trees.

Country home with thatched roof.

Lots of fruit being grown in this area.

Modern thatched roof home.

Max and one other rig.

We got there right around lunch time so we had our lunch there. But they wanted €8 ($11.85 CAD, $9.50 USD) to spend the night, which normally we wouldn't balk at, especially if they had a dump station. But it was just a parking spot, although it was nice enough beside the river. 

However the campground that I found with full services including WiFi and electric was only €13 ($19.25 CAD, $15.50 USD) so we spent the afternoon by the river, and then moved to the campground.

Horse and buggy, windmill, and cyclists. Must be the Netherlands.

Lots of barges going by at this spot on the Waal River.

Odd thatched roof house.

Max, in his spot at Kweetal Camping.
I put the awning out for the first time.

Considering the price, this is a really nice campground. I'll try and take some more photos before we leave. There are some better grassy sites, and I'm sure if we were staying more than one night we would have stayed on the grass. But for one night, we were fine with the spot we had been given. The washrooms are modern and clean and all the facilities are well maintained. Even the WiFi works the way it should!

Today, we are off to the World Heritage site of Kinderdijk.


And in Canada...

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  1. Max looks comfy in his spot for the night! Enjoy!!💕

    1. He was comfy there but his overnight spot was so much better last night. You will see pictures of it in today's post when Kevin gets it all written up. :-)

  2. Your rig looks like it belongs by the river! You 2 like adventures, and it looks like you found some. Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Max does seem to like it by the water, lots of things for him to see and enjoy, lol!


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