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Friday, July 16, 2021

Max's batteries and fuel mileage

Yesterday was a rain day. We managed to get out around noon and walk over to the motorhome parking area where there are 8 spaces to see how many were available. It turned out that four of them were empty, so we moved Max the one kilometer over to that location. It's not really much better than where we were, but it's not so close to a busy road.

We haven't seen the sun since Sunday. Monday through Thursday were all overcast. So Max's batteries haven't been getting much of a charge from the solar panels. And we haven't been driving much, so they haven't been getting much of a charge that way either.

So it's been the first real test of our batteries and solar panels. We use our laptops quite a lot during the day, and of course when it's not nice outside they tend to get used even more. And then in the evening, we usually watch a show for an hour or two. As of yesterday evening, our batteries are reading 12.3 volts. You want to avoid them going below 12.1 volts, so we would probably still be okay for another two days. Fortunately, the sun is supposed to break through today.

When it's colder, we would also have to use the furnace which uses even more battery power. However, even though the skies have been overcast, the temperatures have been pleasant. Yesterday it didn't get above 20C (68F), and not much cooler at night. Today, calling for a high of 22C (72F). Certainly not what we expected for the middle of July.

Max, at the far left.
A free motorhome parking area at GPS 52.308577, 5.240208

Max's fuel gauge is reading 1/4 full now, so pretty soon we'll be putting in some fuel for the first time. 

We haven't done much in the way of highway driving. Because we try to stick to the back roads, there's a lot of slowing down and stop and start driving. Still, we're very happy with Max's fuel efficiency!

The dashboard computer says we are getting 9.1 liters per 100 kms. That's the equivalent of 26 miles per US gallon, which is fantastic. Diesel here costs the equivalent of $2.07 CAD per liter (or $6.27 USD per gallon), but there is not much distance between attractions so you don't have to drive very far.

Ruth made a delicious shrimp Thai red curry dish for dinner.

It looked like it might clear up yesterday evening, so we went for a stroll around 9:00pm. We walked down to the waterfront We overheard a couple speaking English, so we said hi to them. They were from Colorado and were on a week long barge/cycling trip, then heading to Iceland for a week.

The sun tried to peak out for a minute or two.

This is the barge that couple were traveling on.
They said it was just under half full, and most customers were Germans. 
They were the only native English speakers.

The forecast is calling for clearing skies today, but so far that's not happening. By the way, we are not near the flood problems you may have seen on the news. That is near the Germany and Belgium border about 175 kms (108 miles) south of us. There are no problems where we are.

And in other news, we got the official certified translation done for our vaccination certificates. I found an online company that met all of the requirements and it cost $25 USD ($31.35 CAD) each.

Record low deal on this well equipped Ruko F11 Pro Drone with Camera

And in Canada...


  1. 9.1l/100km! That’s better than my little Suzuki SX4 at 10l/100.

    1. Yes, Max gets great fuel mileage and it would even be better if we did more actual highway driving. They certainly know how to make fuel efficient vehicles here but I guess they need to when you look at the price of fuel.

  2. The Meuse river is flooding and water appears to be moving towards ocean. Thankfully you're a ways away from river. Wow must have received lots of rain. Safe travels.

    1. Yes, we are just fine where we are. We were near the Muese River about a week and a half ago when we visited the town of Grave but even now, there is no flooding in that area however, I have no doubt that the river has risen somewhat because of the flooding further south.

      Yes, they received a pile of rain, even we saw a fair bit of rain two days ago but nothing like they did down there.

  3. Kevin & Ruth - I'm loving your photos and write-ups about Holland. My great-grandmother was born in Den Helder where her family lived for generations. It seems to have a wonderful maritime museum. If you go there, please take and post some photos of average homes instead of the tourist images online -- I'd love to see what the community looks like. I'm also loving Max. As a former Class B owner, I much prefer the compactness of the smaller rigs. Our rule, when we had the B was: "who ever is standing up is in charge," which was sometimes a problem when only the dogs were standing up. Safe travels.... Lynn

    1. We are so glad that you are enjoying our pictures and posts of Holland/Netherlands. We have been enjoying our visit here. I don't think we will be headed to Den Helder on this visit. I am sure we will be close by but not wanting to stop in there as we are hoping to return to the Netherlands in the springtime when the tulips are out and then we will visit Amsterdam and the spit going north of there but that may not be for a year or two. We will still try to take some photos of just the average homes though, they really are beautiful, so many have such fantastic gardens with lots of flowers blooming.

      We are really loving Max, he is just the perfect size for us and for traveling in Europe.

  4. Hope you aren't affected by the flooding there right now! Stay safe!

    1. No, we are not in the affected areas thank goodness. We are a little further north and don't have anything to worry about. Thanks for thinking of us.


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