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Saturday, July 31, 2021

What a great little campground!

We were getting low on fresh water, and the holding tanks were getting full so I started looking for somewhere to take care of that business. 

I had found a listing of a small campground that got great reviews. It was only €8 ($12 CAD, $9.50 USD) per night, and that price included electricity and WiFi. No showers or toilet, but we have our own so that's okay. 

And when I read their website, I was sold!

The website told their story. An avid motorhoming couple who decided to put a small campground in at their personal property. Because they were motorhomers themselves, they knew what most people wanted.

There are only six sites though, so I thought they might be busy. I emailed in advance, and sent a question through their comment form, but after 24 hours got no response. 

We had been parked just down the road from the campground in question, and went for a walk in the park, then taking a circular route over to the campground to see if we could stay.

Out for a walk.

Didn't expect to see a big hairy pig!
He was enjoying the sun, not interested in us at all.

Quite a few of these big snails around.

What strange creatures!

Some of the older farm homes have the barn attached to the house.

Many places have beautiful gardens.

We got to the campground and there was an older fellow cutting the grass. But no other motorhomes to be seen.

The guys name was Willy, and it was his property. I mentioned about sending the emails, and he said "oh, the wife gets around to checking them every once in a while". 

They've had this little campground as a hobby since 2003. They don't really do it to make any money, just to help out travelers along the way. There are no check in or check out times, and no extra costs based on number of people in the van.

He showed us where we could park up, and we walked back to pick up Max and bring him down here.

Max, parked up at GPS 53.200273, 6.790318

What a great little spot.

The WiFi works well, and only one other motorhome showed up later in the afternoon. Max is pretty happy here, so we think we'll stay for a second night!


And in Canada...


  1. Been following your travels for awhile. Greatly enjoying your blogs! You're an inspiration. We've full-timed in the US for the past 16 years, but are ready to start exploring Europe. Had to postpone these plans because of COVID. Coming over to France and Germany next week for only a month while we scout out motorhomes. I like how you mark your wild-camping and low cost spots. I've been tracking them on a map for future reference.

    Happy and Safe Travels!
    Larry and Connie

    1. We are glad that we have been an inspiration but if you have been traveling in the US for the past 16 years then you are probably pretty inspired all on your own. You have been traveling longer that ourselves we are coming up on 14 years in October.

      Good luck with your scouting trip. Looking for a motorhome is going to keep you pretty busy, there are a lot of choices out there. And please take our advice to look for as small of a unit as you can.

      We are glad that you have been marking down our wild camping spots and low cost camping spots. There will be a lot more to come over the winter. :-)

      We look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely! We really enjoyed ourselves here, even if it did rain most of the time.


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