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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Almost feels like we're on holiday!

Tuesday's goal was to find a place to do laundry. We were only a couple of kilometers to the town of Vollenhove, and there is a big holiday park there that has a motorhome parking area, and apparently a laundry. The reviews didn't mention prices, other than saying "very affordable" which means different things to different people.

There is also a municipal motorhome parking area that has a dump station and fresh water fill. We parked there, and we were surprised that we were the only ones.

But the municipal one is only no cost during the day. To stay overnight costs €11 ($16.45 CAD, $12.95 USD).

We left Max there and walked through town to the holiday park.

Every town has a marina.

The central part of town is pretty... and very quiet at 11:00am.

Municipal building.

A reader asked a few days ago to show you some photos of what the typical housing looks like.

Here is a residential neighborhood in Vollenhove (pop 4,200).

A house along the way.

Most homes appear very well maintained, with nice gardens.

We walked into the holiday park and found the reception area. The place is huge. It's a combination of permanent trailers (typically called static caravans here) and travel trailers, with a small section for motorhomes that aren't staying long term. There is a swimming pool and water slide and lots of family activities... so also lots of children.

But the motorhome parking area was quite nice, and the same price as the municipal parking at €11.20 ($16.75 CAD, $13.15 USD) per night, but this also included electricity. And yes, they have a laundry. Like anywhere else we have found here, laundry is not cheap! €4 to wash, and €2.50 to dry. For two loads, that is €13 ($19.50 CAD, $15.30 USD).

Park map. The place is huge.

So we decided to stay for a night. It's always easier to give Max a proper cleanup when we're parked in a site rather than free camping. And we can sit outside in our chairs and relax. And of course we can get laundry done.

Max, parked up for the night.
Almost feels like we're on holiday!

Travel trailers on the left, and static caravans on the right.

Almost all the travel trailers have a big fancy tent setup attached to them.

Ruth, feeding a goat.

So, we got everything done. They even had WiFi included, but like most campgrounds around the world, it only works well at 2:00am!

We'll relax here for the morning, and then head over to the interesting town of Giethoorn.

All sizes of the popular Arf Pets Self Cooling Pet Mat are at a record low price. These things never come on sale.

And in Canada...


  1. Replies
    1. Lol, yep! I am not sure whether our cleaning of Max would meet the "Dutch clean" rules though! ;-)

  2. Any idea why the roofs on the houses have such a steep pitch? My guess is snow in the winter?

    1. Muddymiler is correct, it definitely isn't because of snow as they get far less snow than we do in Canada. I think that it is just an architectural design that they like and not all the houses have such pitched roofs.

  3. I'll answer the pitched roof, not because of snow. The Netherlands doesn't get winter like other parts of Europe.
    I spotted a Friesian flag in a photo. My parents home province, Friesland.

    1. You are correct, the steep roofs would definitely not be designed because of snow. I think it is just a architectural design, even house built back in the 1800's or earlier had steep roofs but many of them were also gabled.

      We are very close to the Friesland province, so it makes sense that a Friesland flag or two might be flying. We will be in that province tomorrow. Where were your parents from in Friesland? :-)

    2. Dad born and raised in Leeuwarden, mom moved there are a child, that's how they met. My Opa and Oma lived in Beetgumerstraat number 26 throughout their marriage. Such fond memories.

    3. Not sure if we are going to make it into Leeuwarden but if we do we will try to walk by your grandparents house and take a picture of it for you.

  4. "Travelling in Space is very affordable."
    --Jeff Bezos

    And, um, well, most of us feel that you two ARE on holiday. Like always.

    1. Yes, this true but for us it is just a different lifestyle! If we were on holiday we would be spending way more money and doing real touristy things and eating out, you know all the things people normally do on a holiday. Instead we more or less live the way we would in a house we just happen to have a house on wheels that moves.


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