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Friday, July 9, 2021

3 weeks living in Max the motorhome

It was three weeks ago today that we moved into Max.

And we haven't gone very far. But everything is new, and we don't really have a destination in mind so there is no need to go very far. Max now has about 440 kms (273 miles) on the odometer, and he still has about half of his original 90 liter (23.8 U.S. gallon) tank of fuel left.

For such a small motorhome (5.9 meters, 19'6"), Max has a lot of big features. He has a large living space, a large kitchen area, a large refrigerator, a large bathroom... and large propane cannisters. One of the things we were worried about regarding propane is that the tank is so small you go through it quickly. But Max has two large 11 kg propane cannisters, which is better than many European motorhomes. 

Max's propane compartment.

After three weeks, we are still using the first tank. I have no idea how much is left in it, or when it will run out. But the fact that we are still on the first tank after three weeks has me feeling pretty good about how long we can go between having to refill or exchange the tanks. Of course I also realize that we haven't had to use the furnace at all, and the only time we turn on the hot water tank is when we need showers. Otherwise we just heat up water on the stove in the amount we need.

Yesterday, we did a short drive from Arnhem to Rhenen. We thought about going up to the open air museum at Arnhem, but the €19.50 entrance fee per adult quickly put us off that idea.

Before we left though, we did a walk along the riverfront.

Another passenger boat.

A floating house.

We left after lunch. It was only about 28 kms (17 miles) but we took the more interesting slow route that went through some built up areas so it took 45 minutes or so.

Yesterday's drive, 28 kms (17 miles).

A bit of traffic heading through Arnhem.

But once outside the city, it was fine.

Coming into Rhenen, there is another impressive church tower.

Scenery along the way.

Max, parked up at GPS 51.95599, 5.560179

Unfortunately there was a sign that read (in Dutch) "This area closed from sunset to sunrise". Also, it was a busy lot with a lot of cars and people coming and going. However there was another lot about 100 meters away from the water that had no such sign, and looked much quieter. So we spent the day beside the water and then just before sunset we moved to the less scenic, but much quieter overnight spot.

A windmill in the town of Rhenen.

We will go visit this church today.

Nice colors at dusk.

Heading further west today, but it won't be far! Sun is shining and it looks like a really nice day ahead.

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And in Canada...


  1. Love the photos, makes me homesick and I haven't lived there since 1972, lol. Last visit was 1999. Glad the weather is cooperating.

    1. We are so glad that you are enjoying our pictures of the Netherlands. Sounds to me that you are due for another visit here, 1999 sounds so far away now!

      Yes, the weather seems to be cooperating for us. They have called for a chance of rain everyday for the past few days and we have been lucky enough not to have any. :-)

  2. We are fulltime RVers. We've been thinking of going to Europe next year, and after looking at MAX, I'M thinking of renting something similar for 3 weeks or so. Our biggest challenge is electricity. I am on oxygen 24/7. I use portable oxygen most of the day but I require a larger unit that uses 400 watts in the evening and all night long.
    My question is, are there an adequate number of RV parks or campgrounds that have electricity? If you don't know, that's OK, I will do more research.
    We've been following your blog ever since we started full-time 8 years ago.

    1. You will have no problem finding campgrounds with electricity. There are lots of campgrounds around Europe, we just normally avoid them. P4N (Park for Night) app/website would probably we your best resource for finding campgrounds.

  3. I’m sure you know how to check your propane level by pouring hot water over the tank. Love your blogs as we read then every day. Love the layout of Max. Tom

    1. Yes, Kevin knows of it but it really isn't feasible in Max because the water would not be able to drain out of the compartment where we have the tanks. We really aren't worried about it, we just always need to be sure that we have one full tank with us.

      We love Max's layout too! Kevin spent a lot of time looking at all different kinds of units to find the one that we though best suited our needs and so far we think Max is a winner. :-)

  4. I am no longer receiving you post in my email, I searched for you on and it did not find you

    1. A while ago blogger changed things and they discontinued the notifications. If you go up to the top of the right hand side column, there is now a new place to subscribe and follow our blog by inserting your email address. Hope that helps.


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