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Friday, July 23, 2021

Just smile and wave

When we woke up Thursday morning, we were already located at the entrance to a nature reserve. So it only made sense to do the 5 km (3 mile) circular walk before we left.

I feel like we haven't been getting enough exercise lately, so I was trying to pick up the pace to get a half decent workout in, but this conflicts with Ruth wanting to stop and see everything along the way. So it's a bit of a balancing act sometimes as we try to keep each other happy!

Lots of green space and of course water!

With green space and water, there are lots of birds.

We stopped in at a birding hut so Ruth could watch the birds.

Me, out in front.

Water everywhere.

We had a good walk, managed to see some birds and get some exercise to keep us both happy. Then we headed into the nearby town of Heerenveen. We found an Aldi and a Jumbo store in the same plaza, which is really convenient. The beer and wine supply was running low, and Aldi is the best place to stock up on that. (Lidl is also okay), and Jumbo has the gluten free bread that we like.

We also have found a really nice medium sherry that we both like, at €4.50 ($6.65 CAD, $5.30 USD) a bottle, so we picked up one of those as well.

I also found an extendable window cleaning tool that I think will be great for cleaning Max's windshield. 

Then we headed a little further north. Here are some pics of the scenery along the way...

The Princess Margriet Canal.

"Wild camping" is supposedly illegal in Netherlands, and I can find lots of references to that effect online, but nothing on any official site. Part of the problem is probably that I'm not searching for the correct terms in Dutch. 

So when we do, we try to stay away from places where it might be a problem. I use 4 different apps to get ideas, (because there is no single app that lists all possibilities) and also search using google satellite view for other options. And of course we just keep our eyes open while driving.

One listing I found was for a strip of dead end roadway that runs along the Princess Margriet  Canal. 

While it's supposedly illegal, motorhome camping along this area is obviously tolerated. We spoke to a local who came over to admire Max, and he said that he comes here with his wife all the time in their VW van, and was just completing a 4 night stay.

There is one section in particular that is fairly level, and all the vans cram in there. But you can actually park anywhere along this strip if it's more to your liking.

Max likes his space... he's just like Sherman was in that regard!

Max, parked beside the Princess Margriet Canal.

It was a bit of a job getting him level, but I succeeded.

Very little likelihood of someone parking next to us.

The Princess Margriet Canal is a busy waterway that is 64.5 kms (40 miles) long. But it also connects with other waterways, both commercial and recreational so it is busy with boats of all shapes and sizes.

This shoreline is popular with local motorhomes, but it's also popular with people in cars. They bring a picnic lunch and sit and watch the boats go by. 

Big barge.

Sitting watching the boats go by.

It's really funny because a lot of the recreational boaters stare at us as they go by. And we are of course staring at them. So of course all you can do is smile and wave... and they smile and wave back at you. And some of the smaller boats go by really close to the shoreline... we could almost have a conversation with them.

Now that's a houseboat!

Selfie with Ruth and Max.

GPS 53.052426, 5.784182

Motorhomes parked bumper to bumper.
Not our style.

Another good day in the Netherlands! This is a great free spot, so I think we're going to hang out for another day or two.


And in Canada...


  1. Love your barge and houseboat photos, in particular the antique barge with your camper.

    1. Thank you, it was fun watching the boats and barges going by, there are so many different kinds and some are more interesting than others. That antique type of boat was beautiful, we have seen a few of them on the canals and waterways this trip.

  2. How is the bug situation in that low, low territory?

    1. They have actually been very good when we have been sitting outside. We are hardly ever bothered. The odd time on our hikes if we stand still for too long the mosquitoes come out. However when we go to bed at night we always seem to have one mosquito in the motorhome that wants to drive us nuts, we have found that if we turn on our little rechargeable fan and let it run for the night, the mosquito doesn't bother us anymore.

  3. Camping with a satellite dish on top? What’s the point? Might as well stay home! Not our style!
    We go to bed at dark, get up at light, walk, bird/animal/people watch.
    We have been camping!camper painting for 3 weeks and have seen the most incredible sights!
    Deer, elk, red-winged and yellow headed blackbirds racing cowbirds. Did not know that! Very interesting.
    Many, many hawks and 24+ varieties of birds.

    1. When you actually live in your RV and aren't just taking camping trips, TV is nice. When we lived in our motorhome, we had a mobile DISH satellite that we used when we could get a signal, especially if in one place for a long time. It's a difference between camping and living. We didn't watch it a lot, but sometimes it was nice to have.

    2. We don't particularly understand it either because we get along just fine without a TV but I was going to say exactly what Emily above said. Some of these people live full time in their motorhomes/RVs and they live life in them, like they would in a home so they like to watch TV which would include the news. Many of the motorhomes here carry bikes and most of the people use them all the time, so I don't think that they are sitting in their motorhomes all day watching TV. We don't have a TV but we do have our computers and we use them, plus in the evening we will sit and watch and hour or two of shows that Kevin has downloaded before heading off to bed but we are always out and about during the day.

      We are glad that you are loving your camping trips and being able to see and learn so much from your outings. Keep on enjoying the summer because the cold weather will be on you again before you know it.

    3. Raising cowbirds, not racing! LOL!
      Yes I understand if you are living in your RV.
      We watch so little TV even at home.

    4. I love seeing the yellow headed black birds when we were in Sasdatchewan, they are quite pretty. I remember something in school about some bird species laying eggs in other bird species nest and never having to raise them themselves. It is pretty cheeky of the cowbird to do that.

      We haven't had a TV since we removed Sherman's TV many years ago and we sure don't miss it but not everyone feels that way. :-)

  4. |The pictures you sent yesterday of the houses beside the water and many lovely gardens haves been sent to me several times which I have forwarded to many people!

    1. No doubt pictures from Geithoorn make their way around on the internet, it is definitely a really pretty place and fairly unique too!

  5. Ha - you two are like us. My husband wants to get maximum fitness out of each walk, where I like to take photos, look at birds and flowers, architecture etc! I want fitness too, of course, but I also want to enjoy the environment. Lovely photos, as usual!

    1. Yep, absolutely and it is hard sometimes to find that happy medium! :-)

  6. I know you'll figure out the boondocking part. I didn't like that pic of the motorhomes lined up.

    1. I think we are doing pretty well in the boondocking department, even here in the Netherlands. We think it is going to have fun with boondocking in Turkey, there are so many possibilities.

      Nope, we didn't like seeing all those motorhomes lined up like that either, Max was happy with his spot further down the road all by himself. :-)


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