Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Stuck in Oroville, Washington.

Which is not too bad, really. It's better than being stuck in Tuk!

But, we really had no intention on being in the U.S. quite this long. It was supposed to be two to three days, and now we're going on six days and it will probably be three more! All because of a mis-packaged part!

So now I've got the authorization to send the wrong part back, but the supplier won't send a new one until they do an "investigation" to find out if there are more wrongly packaged parts with the same number. I was told this could take a week or more... so I told them I would just send this one back and order from a different supplier.

But then, I had to find a different supplier that also had the item in stock, and at a decent price, and with a reasonable shipping time. I ended up finding one, but I had to pay an extra $48 USD ($64 CAD) to get it here with two day shipping. Otherwise, it might not have arrived until next Monday!

Oh well... no point in getting all worked up about things you can't change.

In the meantime, we will enjoy the area and the great weather.

Yesterday, we went back down to the park where our friend Tioga George is still looking for his parakeet, Boid. We hadn't seen Boid at all on Saturday, so we figured he was long gone. But to our surprise, Ruth and I found him again in the park! He seems quite happy to be free, and didn't show any interest in either his cage or the food that was available there.

We blew up the kayak and went for a paddle.

We bring our little waterproof camera on the kayak with us.
The little camera is waterproof, but water still gets on the lens!


Scenery along the way.

Nice day for a paddle.

 More scenery. We did about 3 miles (5 kms) on the river.

Ducks and turtles.

Can't zoom in like we can with the other camera!

Then, we found the local laundromat and got caught up on that chore. 

Back to the same overnight spot that we've used the last six nights! Only problem is that the last two nights, they've been doing some kind of spraying in the orchards and the machine they use is quite noisy. I'm assuming they do it overnight because there isn't as much wind. But it's a little annoying. Hopefully they have finished now and we will be back to peace and quiet tonight.

Not sure what's on the agenda today, but we'll find something to keep us busy. The area is great for hiking, biking, and kayaking so I'm pretty sure we'll be doing one of those things! 

Record low price on the 2 pack of RV Water Filters...

And in Canada...


  1. Your choice of kayak? Where do you put it in the RV, when you're not using it?

    We are in zanyland right now with my teaching schedule -- and it will stay this way until mid-October. Reading your posts is like a cool, refreshing breeze. I just have to hang in there until these jobs are done.

    1. It is an inflatable kayak and when it is all folded up we store it under the couch in Sherman. Here is the post from when we got it and which one it is. www.travelwithkevinandruth.com/2016/08/out-for-ride-in-our-new-kayak.html

  2. Yep, you sure lucked out on the weather! Hopefully with the parts exchange too. Downright hot in beautiful Lake Chelan on the river walk yesterday! It's a summer resort area so a little pricey and busy even in September, but awesome to visit with an RV from Canada. Only 2 hours from the border. Made it to work by 9! See you when you get here. Can't miss it, bright green car wash at the second lights in Oliver. Propane of course, and I have water and sewer you can empty and fill up also if you want. One more thing, check the CBSA website, you may be able to bring back more booze after a week! Bonus! Cheers.

    1. We really have lucked out with the weather, we couldn't have asked for better weather although it is starting to cool down now.

      Our fingers are crossed that the part will come in tomorrow and hopefully the mechanic can squeeze us in as soon as possible after that.

      Don't worry we won't forget about you up in Oliver. And no it doesn't matter about the time we are in the USA as long as you are here over 48 hours it is still the same required amount of alcohol. We can bring more if we want but we will have to pay duty on it and we may just do that because it would still be cheaper than buying it up in Canada.

  3. Hope things get straightened around soon for you and you can get back on the road again.
    Good luck.

  4. You don't want to breathe in the pesticide with which they are spraying!
    Hope they open the box to check if it is the right part!

    1. It wouldn't have been anything strong. The guy driving the tractor wasn't wearing any kind of mask.

  5. I am just down the road from all you folks, sorta, Sun Lakes Resort...If the weather was being more friendly and the park wasn't giving me a site for 50% off, I head your way for a visit.
    I sure hope George finds his buddy-boid...

    1. So close and yet so far! Unfortunately we aren't going to drive that distance down, just like you aren't going to drive it up. Maybe some other time our paths will cross.

      We hope that George gets Boid back but it isn't looking promising. :-(

  6. I like the looks of that house along the water:))

    1. It's definitely a nice location but far too big! ;-)

  7. I buy transportation parts for a living. All too often I have dealt with the return-and-wait for investigation into existing stock before they'll re-ship. Probably was a smart move to reorder from elsewhere.

    1. Yep, that is what we figured too! You just don't know how long that investigation could take and we really don't want to wait around any longer than necessary.


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