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Friday, September 7, 2018

Meeting Tioga George!

They were calling for a warm day, so we got a fairly early start on our hike up Whistler's Canyon. Plus, we had made plans to meet a special visitor after lunch, so we didn't want to be too late returning from our hike.

I had sort of figured that it was about a 6 mile (10 km) hike, but as we got into it I realized that it would be a little longer than that!

It didn't take long to get a bit of a view...

You can see Sherman in his overnight spot. 
We've now done three nights here beside the orchards!

Ruth, enjoying the view.


Another view.

The path followed an overgrown old road.

It went through the forest until we got to a viewpoint overlooking Oroville.

We sat and had a snack here.

Obviously it was uphill most of the way, (as you can tell from the sweat on Ruth's back!) but it was a steady climb rather than a steep climb. After that part, the path took us around Black Diamond Lake.

At Black Diamond Lake.

On the way back, Ruth spotted this interesting sign.

So, the old road was actually a logging road way back when. Amazing that they could actually get the trucks up here. And, amazing how much a road can get overgrown to just a hiking path in only 70 years.

Back at Sherman, my GPS route tracking software showed that we had done 10.6 miles (17 kms) and we had been gone for four hours and twenty minutes. It also showed that we didn't rest very much, because we had been moving for three hours and forty seven minutes!

We fired Sherman up, and drove over to the mechanic place. Sure enough, they had received all the parts they needed, and we scheduled Sherman's operation for today at 9:00am.

Then, we drove over to the park to meet our special visitor... the original RV vagabond... Tioga George and his team!

Ruth, Kevin, and Tioga George!

Many of you will remember when George used to drive his motorhome (Ms. Tioga) down to Mexico searching for adventure. He has been writing about his adventures since 2003! But, George is getting older and has changed his style of travel a little bit... yet he is still out seeking adventure! Now, he travels with a Ford Transit van, pulling a little Scamp trailer. I forgot to get a photo of the other members of the team... Sr. Transito and Scampy!

We've met George a few times in our travels. Once in Mexico, and again in San Diego!

George also travels with a companion... his parakeet, named Boid. 

Boid has been traveling with George for almost two years.

Until now.

We were inside George's trailer, and talking about Boid, who was sitting in his cage above the table. George had opened the door on Boid's cage, and was just showing us how much Boid enjoys his cage. Boid would not come out though.

We continued talking for a while, then decided to go outside and sit at a picnic table by the water. George brought Boid's cage with us. As we were carrying the cage to the table, Boid escaped through the still open door! All three of us forgot that the door was still open!

Boid flew to a nearby tree, and I took a photo of him...

Boid, out in nature.

Unfortunately, Boid flew to another tree and didn't show any interest in coming back down to his cage. George has gone back to that same tree this morning, in the hope that Boid will return.

We feel so bad for both George and Boid!

Camco Slide Out Lube is at a record low price...

And in Canada...


  1. So cool to meet a pioneer of the rv lifestyle, I hope Boid will come home when he gets hungry! That was a healthy hike!

    1. We have always enjoyed our meetings with Tioga George, he is definitely the pioneer of the blogging about the RV lifestyle and of course his way of travel is different than most. We have learned some of our techniques of RV travel from him, like short travel days.

      We have our fingers crossed that Boid will return but it isn't looking as hopeful anymore.

      Definitely a good hike, it sure got the heart pumping. :-)

  2. Great pictures. A new perspective and makes me realize that there's lots of new areas to see and things to do even in your home area. Been to Oroville so many times I can't count but I didn't even know that Diamond lake was there! That's why I read travel blogs! Tioga George is the original RV vagabond for sure and I really have enjoyed reading about his adventures over the years. A really well written blog and got me started reading blogs and armchair travelling back in the day. I discovered right away that it sure beats working! Thanks George! I really sincerely hope that Boid flys back home. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Carwash Scott! It is amazing what you can find out about your own area from other visitors. Everyone can see things in a different light other than your own, that's what is so neat about traveling.

      You probably hadn't heard of Black Diamond Lake because it is up on the top of the mountain in the absolute middle of nowhere so unless you do lots of hiking chances are most people around here would not have heard of it.

      I think that it was Tioga George that got us started on blogging, I know that his was one of the first blogs that we started to follow.

      We hope that Boid will fly home too, our fingers are crossed!

  3. What a bummer about Boid. We also have been following George over the years on his adventures. Boid please come home.

    1. We are feeling pretty sad right now both for Tioga George and for Boid. Our fingers are crossed that he will return but we aren't all that hopeful. :-(

  4. Our friends have a cockatiel who escaped and it took them four days to get him back. Sure hope Boid comes home.

    1. Tioga George is waiting around at the park so you never know, Boid just might return.

  5. I have been following George since he started - what a guy living the live many of only dream of

    1. I think there are lots of people like you that have been reading about George's adventures from day one. He is definitely living the dream of many. :-)


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