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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Beautiful day in Crescent Beach

Gorgeous fall day yesterday. High of about 18C (65F) and beautiful sunshine.

Went for a walk before lunch yesterday just to explore the area. Crescent Beach used to be an area where Vancouverites would have summer cottages, but as the greater city expanded, it is now full of expensive homes itself as many of the cottage properties have been removed and big pricey homes have been put in.

Crescent Beach is also located on a bay where the tide is quite high...

During our walk, the tide was out.

 I've never seen such a huge piece of driftwood!

View of the bay at Crescent Beach.

We walked inland and found the big Crescent Park. Lots of big old trees, and nice to have such a large green space in the middle of this residential area.

 Crescent Park.

A tree growing out of a tree stump!

Scenery along the way.

Made it back to the house, and we had done 6 kms (3.8 miles). Not bad.

Mid afternoon, our friends Bob and Betty came to visit. This is a couple who were on the February 2016 Mexico RV Caravan with us, and we haven't seen them since then. We went for another walk along the shoreline, and then they drove us over to their house near Langley, about a half an hour away. There, we had a nice dinner and lots of laughs reminiscing about the month we spent together.

Bob, Ruth, Betty, Kevin.

Really nice to get together again. Thanks for taking the time to come and pick us up!

This evening, we fly to Hamilton, Ontario (just west of Toronto). We're using the new Canadian discount airline Fly Swoop. We had booked the flights the day they started selling tickets back in February when we were on the beach in Mexico! 

The flights were so cheap that we decided to buy a checked bag at $26 each way. We're traveling light anyhow, but this way we don't have to worry about it. One small checked bag between the two of us, and one small "personal item"... a tiny day pack each.

So... we're headed to Ontario for three weeks! 

Sherman's parking spot for the next three weeks.

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And in Canada...


  1. We love Crescent Beach, had many picnics there. Have a safe flight to Hamilton!

  2. Langley, the one city on our 2014 trip with the highest gas price in Canada from BC to Ontario, $5.75 a gallon. I'll never forget. Love Canada but very expensive.

    1. It's come down a little... $4.40 USD per gallon right now!


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