Ruth and Max at the Natyra e Qete Restaurant & Camping near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Change of scenery

I spent much of yesterday morning getting our part sorted out for Sherman. That part is now on it's way from Seattle, but likely won't arrive until tomorrow. And, of course we still have to get the incorrect part returned to the supplier who sold it to us. They sent us a shipping label, and we have to take the part to the Fedex pickup location here in Oroville this morning in order to return it and receive credit.

We went over to the park where our friend Tioga George is still patiently awaiting the possible return of his pet Boid.

But unfortunately, there was no sighting of Boid yesterday. The cage remains empty.

Ruth and I decided we needed a change of scenery. Somebody had suggested we drive up to the old ghost town of Molson, only about 15 miles (22 kms) away.

The town of Oroville is located at just under 1,000 ft in altitude, but the ghost town of Molson is at 3,700 feet! So Sherman summoned all of his horses for the climb up the mountain!

Heading up to Molson, Washington.

Still going up.

Scenery along the way.

We arrived at the old ghost town. 

There was a sign saying that the current population of Molson is around 35 persons. At it's peak, back around 1905, there were 700 people living here!

The story of Molson, Washington.

Sherman, at the ghost town!

Some of the buildings are made up inside.
This is an old homestead.

Lots of old machinery.

There was a large hotel here that burned down in 1928.

The Molson State Bank!

The teller looks just like Ruth!

The Molson school closed in the 1960's.
Now, it's a museum, but it closed after Labor Day weekend.

Old Molson.


Interesting stuff, and fun to wander around. The old townsite is located only a couple of miles south of the Canadian border.

We carried on a bit further to Sidley Lake. There, we found a nice pull-off by the shore that looked like it would be a great place to spend the night. 

We are located less than a mile (1 km) as the crow flies, to the Canadian border.

In the three hours or so that we sat parked there, only about 5 vehicles passed by, and twice it was the U.S. border patrol. Pretty quiet!

Nice view from our windows at GPS 48.991874, -119.221801

Pretty area.

And sure enough, we had a nice quiet night. Until about 6:00am when a fisherman arrived and put his boat in the water right beside where we were parked. No worries, it was time to get up anyhow! We drove back to town and are parked up at the library using their free wifi.

We will go drop off that part at Fedex, then head over to see how George is making out, then we're going to drive west to Palmer Lake, about 18 miles (30 kms) west of here.

All three sizes of the Stansport Camp Axe are on sale...

And in Canada...


  1. Beautiful light on the last picture. Hope Sherman gets fixed up soon, looks like he's getting itchy!

    1. Thank you Peter, we hope Sherman gets fixed up soon too.

      Yes, the light on that last picture was perfect, and it was even better in real life. :-)

  2. I remember my Mom and Dad took me to Molson when I was a kid. From your pictures, it looks like it's time to go back! Hey, look at it this way, you won't need to go back to Oroville for a while. haha. It's a nice town, but it's not that nice! Don't blame you for changing the scenery. Sounds like maybe Thursday you will be out of there? Not a problem. I golf too much anyways. I will watch this blog for updates and can be here whenever. Let me know. I have full hookups and Wifi that you can use if needed. Heck, you can camp in my parking lot if you want. Mi casa es Su casa! Good luck with the repairs and see you when you get back to Canada.

    1. No we won't have to come back to Oroville for a while, we really are getting to see lots of the town and the area around which is absolutely beautiful. So if we had to come back here again we certainly wouldn't complain about it. You definitely have to go and visit Molson again. It is funny how you appreciate these types of places more as an adult than as a child.

      Not sure when the repair will get done, he said if the part comes in today (Wednesday) he may be able to fit us in Thursday morning otherwise it wouldn't be until Friday. And even if it is Thursday, by the time we get out of here and through the border and check out Spotted Lake it will be late afternoon before we get to Oliver unless we see a nice overnight spot on route in which case it wouldn't be until Friday. Thank you once again for inviting us there. :-)

  3. thats too bad u didnt get into museum. very interesting , we enjpyed it

    1. Yes, it was a shame but at least all the old buildings were open for us to nose around in, and that was interesting in itself. It is a beautiful area up there.

  4. Great shots of the ghost town. Nice overnight spot. Enjoy. Hope the bird comes back soon.

    1. Thank you! We really loved the area up there and in fact all around the Oroville area is beautiful.

      It isn't looking good for Boid. :-(


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