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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Winding things down here at the park

Well, our last long weekend of the summer is over. Labor Day weekend is normally pretty quiet around here, but it was slightly busier than normal this year. The weather was fantastic... warm and sunny all weekend. And fairly calm too, which made for great boating weather. Well, calm with the exception of a major windstorm that went through on Saturday night.

But, like any long weekend around here, it was not entirely glitch free!

I know you're getting tired of hearing about our pump problems here... and believe me, I'm getting tired of telling you about them! This summer has been terrible for pump breakdowns. On Saturday, one of our sewer pumps went out, and our local pump guy was taking a vacation in British Columbia.

We called a pump out truck and got that done, but had to call him again yesterday. Our pump guy is back in town, and I've already spoken to him so we should get that fixed up today.

And, of course our main water pump went down again, this time a rear seal in the pump. I had to totally dismantle it. Fortunately, I've done it a few times now, so I'm fairly quick at it!!

Other than that, it was a pretty good weekend.

Woke up to this mess Sunday morning.

It had been totally calm all day Saturday and through the evening. The concession had left the umbrellas open Saturday night, never thinking that the wind might pick up. Well it did! At some point during the night I remember waking up and hearing the wind just howling! Sure enough, we woke up to a bit of a mess, and lots of tree branches down. Nothing damaged though, so no big deal and it didn't really take that long to clean up.

Yesterday, people started heading out. The season is pretty much over and kids are back in school today. Our seasonal campers don't have to have their trailers out until September 18th, although we went for a walk last night and counted that 19 of our 80 seasonal campers have left already.

At this time of year we don't mind saying that we're happy to see them go! :-)

Nice full moon coming up last night during our evening walk...

Quite a few leaves starting to come down already.

We might actually get some leaf cleanup done in the fall this year. I think because it was such a dry summer the trees are losing their leaves a bit early. Lots to do around the park over the next 20 days before we're outta here!

Great deal on an ice maker.... this one normally sells for around $140...

And in Canada, a great deal on a 17" Acer laptop...


  1. Love the moon shots! It was huge in Delaware last night. Should of taken a picture but didn't. So thanks for yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Connie and Barry! It sure is huge and they don't even consider this one to be the harvest moon, that is suppose to be next month on Oct. 5th.

  2. Very nice moon shot! Here in the southwest we've learned (painfully) to take down the umbrellas and put up the awnings each evening. Never know what the night will bring.

    1. This should have been done here as well. We never leave our awning up if we aren't home and never at night, you just don't know what will happen with the weather!

  3. We read your blog everyday but spare the time to look back: did I understand that you will not be returning to Cabri because you are going North next summer. cheers

  4. Nice when things wind down and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon you be out and about wandering about the country exploring.

    1. Yep, our time here is almost done. We can't wait to get out exploring again, it is our life! :-)


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