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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Chilly mornings and more blog reading visitors!

Woke up yesterday morning and the temperature was only 5C (41F). It was nice and bright and sunny but it was chilly, and there was a mist coming off the lake. Really pretty. But, you could sure tell that it felt like September in Canada. Funny enough, it's supposed to warm up by Friday with highs above 30C (86F) again!

It was chilly again this morning though, with some area reporting frost although we didn't see any here at the park.

And, we had some more blog reading visitors stop by. Roger and Susan are from Edmonton area and had been down in Wyoming for the eclipse. They decided to stop in and see us on the way back north.

Susan and Roger

We couldn't spend much time with them over the weekend, but managed to sit and have a nice chat Monday afternoon.

We've had quite a few visitors this summer. We're sure glad everyone stopped by...it manages to break up the time a little bit for us when we get visitors.

Mist on the lake in the morning.

Now that we've got time, we've started doing an evening walk every day up the big entrance hill just to get some exercise and get back into hiking shape!

We sure do get a nice view of the full moon from up there...

Nice big full moon!

I changed out the oxygen sensor on the little blue car. Not that bad of a job, but it would have been a lot easier with the right tool. They make an actual socket for the oxygen sensor, but I wasn't about to spend the money for a one time use and managed to get a wrench to do the job although it took a little longer.

No more check engine light!

Now... where are all the buyers?! Yes, the little blue car is up for sale, but there haven't been any bites yet!

The Avalon Bay portable ice machine is still on sale...regularly sells for about $130...

And in Canada, Gilette Fusion razor blades are on sale, along with a $2 off coupon. Never seen them this cheap. It would be worth it to stock up...


  1. Amazing how many great photos you can take just around that little park.

    1. I know, it is hard to believe but we can still find things here to photograph even after 4 summers here.

  2. Nice that things are wrapping up. Good luck with the sale of your car.

    1. Yep, things have certainly quietened down here even though it is still feeling like summer.

  3. Oooo, now we're infamous! Thanks for being great hosts despite all your pump issues this last weekend. Made home OK Tuesday, now have a months backlog of yard stuff to catch up on. Just as well we're retired!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

      Don't work too hard at getting all that stuff done. ;-)

  4. Good luck with the sale of your car. After we bought Zesty, our Westy camper van, we put our Toyota Prius up for sale on Craig's List in Northern California and it sold within 24 hours. We were lucky! Now, we can focus full-time on fixing our RV. :-)

    1. Our problem here is that everyone wants a pickup truck, not a little car. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope that we can find a buyer before we head out at the end of the month.


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