Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Groningen, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Two weeks today

And we're outta here. And still no bites on the little blue car. Strange. I guess everybody in this area wants a big gas guzzling pickup truck! Oh well, if it doesn't sell we'll store it for the winter and re-evaluate next May. Maybe this is a sign that we shouldn't be selling it anyhow!

A few more trailers disappeared over the weekend.

Surprised it wasn't more actually. We took a walk around the park yesterday evening and out of our 80 seasonal campsites there are still 51 trailers here. They have to all be gone by next Monday.

Ruth, enjoying the view of the hills around the park.


Woke up to a smokey sunrise. The wind must have changed direction overnight and it sure is smokey smelling out there again this morning. Looks like a decent day other wise...almost like summer still, with a high of 31C (88F) today!

Great deal on the top selling in home blood pressure kit. Best price it's ever been!

And in Canada...


  1. Exciting with only two weeks left! All our smoke must have drifted your way. It was terrible for the past few weeks here and finally cleared out this past weekend. The park is so beautiful!

    1. I think it must have! It is smokey again today too. :-(


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