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Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Expenses

Well, it was another cheap month. Exactly the way we planned it. Although, groceries were a bit higher due to the fact that we had five grocery shopping days during the month of August. And our friend Doug brought us a couple of Amazon packages up from the U.S..

But otherwise, it was a darn cheap month!

Here's how it all broke down...

(Note, the following figure are in Canadian dollars. For U.S. dollar equivalent, you can subtract about 20%.)

Gasoline: The price of gas has been steady here all summer at about $0.97 cents per liter ($2.97 USD per US gallon). We started the month empty, filled up twice, and ended the month near full. So we spent $62 in total. With any luck at all, the car will sell before we have to put any more in it!

Groceries: Not bad, considering there were five grocery shopping days in the month. We spent $463 on groceries. Remember those two expensive grocery months of May ($929) and June ($726)? Well they are starting to average down. Our goal was $550 per month average for the summer and we're now sitting at $618 average over the four months. In order to get down to our goal, we can't spend any more than $278 for the month of September! We'll see, but we're confident it can be done!

Alcohol: Yep, we splurged on an overpriced bottle of wine for $8.84, which we will drink on Monday evening to celebrate the end of the season!

Miscellaneous: Not bad, at $122. This was our car insurance at $77.50, our cell phone bill at $23.50, and the backpack that Doug brought us up from the states ($21).

Motorhome: Doug also brought us Sherman's new charge controller ($38). Looking forward to getting that installed next month!

So, a total of $694 for the month. Not bad!

September could be even cheaper. But, then we will start to spend some money this fall as we get Sherman into shape for a couple of years of travel!

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  1. Ruth, why are you selling your car?

    1. Read yesterday's post... and the one before that. It's all there...

  2. Again, you guys live so frugally, a fine example of living the good life on the cheap. If you ever need a car again you can always buy one later. Like you say, no sense in paying to store it

    1. If we want to travel like we do then we have to be frugal! :-)

      Yes, that is want we have thought to ourselves as well. There are plenty of cheap used cars for sale.

  3. Good luck with you car sale, then you will be free to travel.

    1. Thanks George! We aren't going to let the sale or lack of a sale of the Little Blue Car stop us from traveling.

  4. So impressive! Hope the car sells quickly.

    I can't wait for us to be house free (we'll rent from family and only pay utilities) and then see what our expenses are.

    1. Thank you but it it's too hard to do that here because we have so little in the way of expenses but that is going to change soon. While traveling, like always we will still work hard at keeping our expenses as low as we can but still have a ton of fun.

      The car is taking a little longer to sell than we thought it might but we are really in "truck" country here.

      We think getting rid of the house was a huge game changer for us, hope it works out well for you too.

  5. That's a great month! Well done. Depending on where you shop for groceries (and whether you stick to the essentials and sales items), I think you can do it in September! :-) Glad to see that the camper part section is still pretty low.

    1. I shouldn't be hard to keep the grocery bill down for the month of September because we have to try and use everything up that we have in the fridge and freezer as we will be gone after that. As for low motorhome expenses for the month of August it wasn't difficult because the motorhome isn't here with us so we have nothing to do on it but the month of October will be higher in expenses as we get it in tip top shape for our next big adventure. :-)


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