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Saturday, September 9, 2017

So far, Barbados has been spared

The last major hurricane to do any damage in Barbados was in 1995. And there have only been five major hurricane events to affect Barbados in total in the last 100 years.

Records show that in the 1600s, four hurricanes devastated Barbados, in the 1700s five systems directly affected Barbados, two causing devastation, and in the 1800s there were 17 hurricanes. Sure makes you wonder what kind of climate change was going on in the 1800's! I don't think they have all this stuff figured out yet.

So hopefully our trip to Barbados six and a half weeks from now won't be affected by any of the Atlantic storm season's events. Most of them pass quite a bit further north of Barbados.

The forecast path or Irma from a few days ago.
I circled Barbados in blue.

In the meantime, we are thinking of Cuba and Florida. 

Here's a live camera feed from Miami Beach. Looks like the winds are starting to pick up...

Aquadance Rainfall Showerheads are on sale...


  1. I think perhaps some people may be confusing Barbuda with Barbados---both Caribbean islands, but 300 miles apart. Barbuda was just devastated by Hurricane Irma. Barbados was not.

    1. Yep, 95 percent of Barbuda is not habitable right now. That is what a Cat. 5 will do to an island so close to sea level, and no human being can find a decent place to protect himself. You might as well tie yourself to a strong tree and pray you don't drown.

    2. P.S. Some optimistic news -- The French are on their way with basic supplies and aid, even while so many hurricanes are blowing around out there.

    3. Surprisingly enough Barbados is just at the southern edge of where most hurricanes track, so luckily they rarely see them.

      Dee, yes Barbuda is pretty much leveled and now they have Hurricane Jose coming at them. What is surprising though is that they had maximum damage but minimal loss of life. In fact all I could find is that a toddler died as the family tried to escape from their house so some how everyone else on the island managed to find somewhere safe to hunker down as the eye of the hurricane passed over them.

      I am hoping for the sake of the people on the island that they can be evacuated before Hurricane Jose hits, at least that is what they are striving to do at the moment. I feel very sorry for the island people, they were probably the worst hit by Irma.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks but we don't foresee any problems. We don't leave until the end of October and Barbados wasn't affected at all with Hurricane Irma.


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