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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Useful items to take on your travels

Travelling has become something that people do both as a hobby but also as an actual career these days, as the websites and blogs devoted to travel that have sprung up during the digital era have acted as an inspiration to many.

Of course, while most people think of exotic locations and adventure, bag packing is a necessary chore that must be completed before all that, but if you know what to pack it will make this process quicker and less stressful.

1. Bluesmart Smart Suitcase

The first handy item to pick is the right suitcase for putting your stuff in and – whether you are planning to shop and party in a big city or backpack in the wilderness – this particular suitcase will be invaluable. It has a scale built into it, to ensure you don’t put too much in it, which can lead to problems at the airport, while the digital lock makes your possessions ultra-secure. This suitcase from Bluesmart also boasts its own GPS, removing concerns about lost luggage, while the in-built phone charger will make sure you can always contact someone if you need to.

2. Sandless Beach Mat

If you are travelling to somewhere where you are likely to spend a fair amount of time on the beach, then this handy gadget will certainly be a useful thing to pack. It was originally designed for use by the military, and is a ground sheet that repels the sand – ensuring that you don’t end up with that irritating ‘gritty’ feel on your skin while you are trying to relax and read, or with sand on your food if you are having a picnic on the beach.

3. Fitness tracker

This will not be much use to those who plan on lazing on the beach, or soaking up the nightlife, but hardy souls who like to backpack and hike through tough terrain will find it handy. A fitness tracker such as Fitbit or the Mi Band from Xaomi is a piece of technology that tracks how many miles you have covered and how many calories have been burned through your exertions – even letting you set targets. Ideal for outdoor travelling types.

4. Smartphone/tablet

A smartphone will be essential whatever type of trip you have planned, as it can perform so many tasks – including letting you take picture, listen to music, find your way around and even light your way in the dark – while fitting in your pocket. All of these different tasks can be accomplished by downloading the right mobile travel apps to it. A tablet is perhaps a bit more of a niche choice, but will be great if you want to write about your experiences, as it offers a bigger screen.

If you are planning to take a trip somewhere in the near future, then packing any or some of these items will help ensure that you are ready for anything once you arrive at your destination.

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