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Friday, February 17, 2017

Portugal's rocky Atlantic coast...

We took Louis for a drive yesterday to explore the Atlantic coast a little bit north of here. It's in the natural park area that takes up much of the south west coast of Portugal, so there are a lot of areas to hike and we were looking for a decent walk.

First, we stopped for fuel and put in just enough to get us back into Spain. Portugal fuel is about 10% more expensive. Ruth and Helen ran into the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, while Tony and I parked Louis across the road.

Right beside Louis was an interesting motorhome...

Hippies, perhaps?

Stuff growing on the dash!

And, in the parking lot back at the gas station, you can do your laundry 24 hours a day!

24 hour self serve laundry.

We parked Louis in the village of Carrapateira, had some lunch, and then set off on a hike. Lots of photo opportunities!

Looking back at the village of Carrapateira. 
If you look closely, you can see where Louis is parked on the right hand side.

Out for a hike.

We were on a circular route that took us along the rocky cliffs of Portugal's Atlantic coast...


Kevin, out exploring.

Group photo! Kevin, Ruth, Helen, Tony.

Kevin, out exploring again.

This is a popular surfing area in the summer.

And there are even some diehards in the water during the winter, waiting for the perfect wave.

And, there's the perfect wave!

Near the end of the walk, we came out an an area where there were a bunch of RVs parked up. Sure,  it's close to the water, but far too busy for our liking. We could have easily found a spot near the village where we could have been by ourselves.

Busy RV parking lot.

Back at the village, we found a small shop, bought some ice creams, and sat in the sunny plaza to enjoy them. Turns out we had done 9.6 kms (6 miles) so it was a good walk.

Today, we're planning on heading east to Albufeira, which is a major Algarve holiday destination, but we're going specifically to explore the rocky beach nearby.

Top of the line Lenovo laptop on deal of the day today...

And in Canada, a nice LED desk light...


  1. Once again such beautiful photos. Love seeing the names of the little towns and checking the looks lots of people are enjoying the RV lifestyle. Thanks for sharing..

    1. Thank you! Yes, there seem to be a lot of people enjoying this RVing lifestyle here.

  2. Kevin & Ruth,

    Technical question here...I am curious how insurance worked for both sets of couples. How are you paying for insurance for Louis and how did you Spanish counterparts pay insurance on their leg back in Canada?

    Someday, might like to do something similar to what you are doing. It would be a lot cheaper than either renting or shipping our RV over to Europe.


    1. I am not sure if Tanna and Graham paid extra for the insurance as it was part of the agreement for them to pay the insurance if there was extra. Our insurance back home covered them driving our unit without there being an extra charge because it was like a friend driving it. However if we had rented it out to someone it would have only cost us and extra $15.

      We totally agree with you, doing this motorhome exchange is definitely the most economical way to travel in Europe and the most fun. :-)

  3. OMG...I love that RV. How cool is that!
    That is a laundry mat? Never ever have I seen anything like that.
    Beautiful coastal photos. It reminds me of the Oregon coast. What a gorgeous day.

    1. Ha ha, I thought the same thing. I actually think the paint job is cool and having a cactus garden on the front dash is too funny.

      This supermarket is really wanting the RV business, they had some of the cheapest fuel around. You can then put you laundry in to wash while you go do your shopping and then it is ready when you come out. It doesn't dry though!

      The coastline was beautiful in that area.

  4. I absolutely love the Atlantic coastline there...stunningly beautiful and one of my favorite things about Portugal

    1. We absolutely agree with you, we love that kind of coastline, definitely more interesting than just a normal beach and a built up touristy area.

  5. What a wonderful day and love the scenery there.

  6. Such raw beauty. And the weather is nice.

    1. The weather was pretty much perfect for hiking, it could have been just a little less windy though.

  7. Are Tony and Helen traveling with you in Louis? Lovely scenery beautiful trip. Great idea with the parking lot laundry! Enjoy your travels!

    1. Yes, Helen and Tony are traveling along with us in Louis but they can't sleep in him as there isn't enough room so wherever we go we need to stop at towns that have hotels or AirBnB.

  8. Very picturesque coastline -- great photos!

  9. Replies
    1. It is a wonderful area and for the most part very unspoiled quite unlike the southern coastline in the Algarve.

  10. Great coastal pictures:) I wonder what they were growing in that motorhome?

    1. We love this kind of coastline, rocky and unspoiled! :-)

      They were growing small cacti. If they were growing anything else, it certainly wasn't in the window. ;-)


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