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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The seaside town of Salema, Portugal

It didn't turn out to be quite as nice as what they were calling for, but still a decent day and we did see some sunshine and blue sky, with temperatures of around 18C (65F). But it was a little bit windy too. Still, a nice day to go out exploring, so we walked down to the seaside town of Salema.

This is the second blog post today...if you missed it, you can see a tour of our friends Glen and Steve's motorhome here...

We had an early lunch and then walked down to the village of Salema. It started out being a simple fishing village many years ago, but now it's a popular beach town with a lot of summer vacation homes and rentals. It's still pretty quiet at this time of year though, and many of the shops and services are closed until mid March when things start to pick up again for the long hot summer season.

Salema, Portugal.

The main street!

Nice beach.

That's an interesting rock!

We would have liked to walk along the coast, but we had a rising tide. I had checked the tide schedule and it didn't peak until almost 5:30pm, but you don't want to get caught in a cove that you can't get out of!

Guess who?

We like climbing on the rocks.

Hi Ruth!

Fun at the seashore.

There was a stairway that went down to the dinosaur footprints...

Yep, there's the dino tracks!

That looks like a nice spot to sit for while.

But we still had exploring to do!

Interesting pizza place. Notice the fish on the left side eating the pizzas!

Many places around the world are installing fitness equipment in parks. We've seen them in Korea, Mexico, Romania...many places. We think it's a great idea, and I'd like to see them installed at the park where we work in the summer.

Looks like I'm working hard!

Helen and Tony doing some cycling.

With a view!

Nice little town.

Today we're going to go for a drive and explore some more, but return here for the evening.

Good deal on the Hoover bagless vac...


  1. Love the wide sandy beaches, aqua water, lovely landscaping, and the huge rocks!

    1. Kevin read an article that said this beach is one of the top 52 beaches in the world but that is only one person's opinion of it. It is a nice beach and the scenery around makes it beautiful but we all found it hard to believe that it is one of the top 52 beaches worldwide!

  2. A few of our parks have fitness equipment in them along designated you walk to the next equipment. The equipment are spaced at about 1/2 mile and goes in a loop so end up back to parking lot. I like the ones in desert wilderness hiking areas.

    1. That sounds like good way of getting people to get some exercise, space the machines out so they get to walk as well as workout! We really hope we can get the board of directors at the park to go for this idea.

  3. So what are you temps? Some are in long pants and jackets and others in shorts and short sleeves.

    1. The temperature was about 18C (65F) in the afternoon when we were out but there was a cool breeze out! If you were in the sun it was quite nice but if you weren't you could be a little chilly and just like in Mexico the locals always dress warmer than the tourists.

  4. The photo with the caption: "That looks like a nice spot to sit for while" is beautiful. I could look at it all day (especially one of our many rainy ones!). We've seen exercise parks in many US locales, and they're usually put to good use. However, one we saw had been vandalized and smashed, and even when fixed, vandals ruined it again. I think they're valuable, in that it gets people out and moving!

    1. Out of all of the exercise parks we have seen we have only seen one that was slightly vandalized so I think for the most part it is rare to have a problem. Shame about the one you saw as this kind of equipment is actually quite expensive.


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