Tea growing near Pu Mat National Park at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Con Cuong (Pu Mat National Park), Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello Portugal!

A bit of a longer drive for us yesterday. We had originally planned on doing it over two days, but decided to go meet up with Glen and Steve a day earlier than planned because the weather forecast for Friday through Sunday isn't looking great, and they told us it's a really nice spot and we wanted to enjoy it with some sunshine.

So we said goodbye to Bonnie and Dave, with the hopes of bumping into them again along the way.

First bit of the journey was along a four lane motorway, so not much of anything to see.

Yesterday's drive west from Seville to Mina Sao Domingos, Portugal. 
195 kms (121 miles).

But once we turned northwest onto the secondary road it was a nice drive with very little traffic.

It started off with farm countryside.

A stork condo. Too funny!

Decent roads with very little traffic.

Soon became hills.

Scenery along the way.

Heading across the border to Portugal.

Welcome to Portugal!

But, Portugal is not a new country for us. We were here in March of 2007, so almost exactly ten years ago. We had rented a cottage here for two weeks with Ruth's cousin Helen and her husband Tony. Funny enough, Helen and Tony are joining us next Tuesday for two more weeks!

We made it to the old mining town of Mina Sao Domingos. Glen and Steve have been here for a couple of days already and the town allows RVs to park at the lake for the winter. It's a really nice setting, although there are a few too many vans for our liking. But we'll put up with that because it is a pretty area by the lake and....it's free! And, there's free wifi coming from a nearby cafe.

Chatting with Glen and Steve.

Glen made us a nice belated birthday dinner and we had a good few games of cards afterwards. We had been invited over around 6pm or so, and we arrived about then. Or so we thought! We had totally forgotten about the one hour time change at the Portugal border! 

Looks like another nice day so we're going to get out and enjoy it because it looks like we might have a few days of rain ahead of us.

Fantastic deal on the four pack of collapsible camping lanterns. Considering these come with batteries, you can't go wrong. I know you need to buy four of them, but on a per lantern basis, they're awfully cheap...

You can buy them in Canada too, but of course it's not quite the same deal!


  1. Pretty Portugal!!!! You picked a perfect time, place, and season to do your winter traveling. Love the way you pace your travels. Looks so relaxing! We are in the middle of our first real winter snowstorm in central PA. Our electric finally came back on - thank heavens!

    1. Not sure if it is the perfect season but it is working for us. Spring might be a better time as the weather would be a little nicer and warmer although we have definitely had some perfect weather for our wants and needs. Also at this time of year if you stay away from the coast you can find spots that quiet and empty of RV's

      Hope your snowstorm doesn't last long and will melt quickly for you! We are constantly looking at the weather and temperatures back home and shiver when we seen them. We are so glad to be here. :-)

  2. Enjoy your time there meeting top with more friends, and more birthday celebrations.

    1. Thanks George, we are enjoying every moment! :-)

  3. A beautiful spot! Enjoy. We woke up to another 10cm of the white fluffy stuff this morning...

    1. It is a wonderful spot and we are going to stay for a few days. You and Shelagh need to get out of there quick!

  4. Beautiful countryside and how nice to sit and relax in the SUN! We are just coming out of the latest snowstorm to hit this winter, so I'm a bit envious!

    1. It is wonderful here, so much so we are staying for a few days. Lots of hiking opportunities, cute little village and a pretty area to park at.

      You guys are definitely having a proper winter this year, and we can understand you being envious, we remember those days ourselves.

  5. I loved Portugal, such a great country. Right next to Mexico in my opinion of future livable countries

    1. We love Portugal as well. At least going by what we remember from our 2 week visit 10 years ago and our couple days here so far. I think we agree with you about it being a viable place to live out your retirement. Mexico so far is still our top pick! :-)

  6. Looks like a nice place enjoy your stay!


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