Tea growing near Pu Mat National Park at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Con Cuong (Pu Mat National Park), Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A much better day!

We didn't have a long drive planned, so before we hit the road we decided to search out the rocky coastline that we originally came to the Albufeira area for. Helen and Tony had checked their photos from when we were here ten years ago, and we managed to find the road that led down to the beach where the trail was.

The beach is called Praia dos Aveiros, and it's just a tiny beach, but it leads to the path taking you to a larger beach to the east.

And it's a rough path, but with rocky outcrops to explore...

Ruth and Helen at Praia dos Aveiros.

Looking east.

These fishermen look about to get wet!

That's me (Kevin), out exploring.

Fun watching the waves crash in.

Me, on the left.

Ruth...don't slip!

Hmmm. I think the bridge will hold...

Ruth, Kevin, Helen.

The next beach is called Praia da Oura.

Ruth and Helen.

Glad we made it to the rocky area, it was fun. But, we still had a drive to do because Helen and Tony had booked themselves a room at the town of Vila Real de Santo Antonio. Wow, that's a mouthful name for a town! We took the back roads that wound up through the town of Loule. It was only 84 kms (52 miles) but it was slow going. We weren't in any rush though.

Yesterday's drive 84 kms (52 miles).

We dropped them off at their room, and we carried on another 1/2 km to the motorhome aire. There are two large level motorhome parking areas that cost €4.50 per night, or €7.00 per night if you use electric. There is also reasonably good wifi, which was surprising given the number of motorhomes here. The lots are pretty much full, with vans packed together side by side. We were lucky that we had nobody beside us because the sites beside us were muddy and nobody wanted to park there.

Lots of different licence plates, but they are overwhelmingly from France.

We went for a walk along the riverfront. It's a nicely done walkway, exactly as we remember it from ten years ago.

View from Helen and Tony's balcony.

The walkway at Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

Today, we're driving back into Spain. Helen and Tony have never been to Seville, and of course were were there just a couple of weeks ago but we loved it and certainly don't mind going back.

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  1. Beautiful beach,can't wait for a picture of the barber of Seville !

    1. We were in Seville only two weeks ago and we looked around but couldn't find the "Barber of Seville", guess we will have to have another look around! ;-) We did however, enjoy the city and I have no doubt that we will enjoy it again.

  2. That's our idea of "rock climbing" - close to the ground! Love all your photos! It makes one feel like we are there with you.

    1. We really enjoyed climbing over all those rocks, part of the reason that we wanted to go back there again after all those years.

  3. What's that huge cake looking building east of town? It also looks like a cruise ship run aground.

    1. It is a resort hotel and yes, it does look a bit like a cruise ship.

  4. Wonderful weather for a nice hike along the beach. Pretty towns...

    1. The weather was wonderful for our climb over the rocks that morning but it clouded over by the time we had finished so we are glad we got our hike in early.

  5. Definitely adding Vila Real de Santo Antonio to our list of places to explore next time we're in the Algarve. Looks spectacular.

    1. I think Vila Real de Santo Antonio would keep you busy for a while. There is a beautiful castle just outside of town. We went and visited it last time we were in Portugal, 10 years ago. It is well worth the visit. They also have a huge beach and lots of places to wander around, you would love it here.


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