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Friday, February 24, 2017

Spain Never a Dull Moment on your Trip!

Discover the most enchanting Spanish cruises for their gentle pace and tropical year-round weather. Taking a river cruise is a great way to get a feel for the natural beauty and rich culture of Spain, amidst the unique chance to discover Andalusia. Seville from a different, privileged perspective on board, river cruising along the River Guadalquivir. Also, enjoy the River Guadiana, Spanish-Portuguese border on the coastal bay of Cadiz meets other travellers in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Visitors to Spain can start their holiday by taking cruise along the valley of Guadalquivir river, in Seville the heart of flamenco, the capital city of Andalusia. Several different companies offer this unforgettable cruise, which lasts for around two to three hours and includes an on board buffet dinner. Visitors have the opportunity to sample a number of dishes from various parts of Spain as well as the rest of the world as they cruise along the river at sunset. This is a great way to admire famous landmarks Seville: La Giralda, Alcazar Palace and the Casa de Pilatos having to walk around them during the day. Traditional Flamenco dancing is also provided by most companies, while at the end of the evening the cruise turns into a floating disco and visitors are invited to take to the dance floor and show off their own moves. 

Flamenco in Seville.

Why not go for a short to another Spanish river cruise, if you have a few days off, from Cadiz oldest city in Western Europe with nearly 4,000 years of history, lies the beautiful coast line, churches and the Torre Tavira the famous watchtower. A historic city walled that has seen the influence of the Romans and the Moors. The large island of Spain is another popular cruise destination, and it is possible to join a cruise tour at the large port on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. 

The port city  of Cadiz.

For those who want to spend a more relaxed time, joining a day cruise around the many beautiful islands is a great way to take in the idyllic beaches. Small boats can also be hired, and it is not difficult to find a deserted island for a private picnic. Spain also boasts other special cruises to visitors who wish to admire these islands at a leisurely pace. This luxurious cruise typically lasts for two days and includes on board entertainment and meals. This is by far the most memorable way also one of the most picturesque.

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