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Monday, September 14, 2015

The place is starting to empty out...

We have 80 seasonal campsites here at the park, and around 35 daily campsites. The daily campsites have been empty since September 7th.

I went around on Thursday night and there were still 43 seasonal trailers here. Yesterday evening Ruth and I took a walk around and there are now only 25 trailers here. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and many people came to pack up their things.

The seasonals have to be out by next Monday, the 21st so they've got a week to go if they want to wait until the last minute.

I went around and took some pics this morning...

We had a big windstorm go through early Sunday morning.

Not many trailers left.

I guess we can get started early on next spring's leaf cleanup.

That's if we're back next year. I would guess it's highly likely, since we've been invited to a meeting on Tuesday night to discuss things. And if we can come to terms, then we're willing to come back. Provided they want us back, but we're pretty sure they do. :-)

Another empty section.

We had a really nice weekend, but they're calling for overcast and cooler for the next few days.

Lost of branches and leaves came down Sunday morning.

Ruth has been working hard the last few days on one section of hedge that had been neglected over the last few years. We've got quite a few sections like that around the park, and we've been slowly bringing them back into shape since we got here last year. It will be less work each year and better looking each just have to trim and maintain them a little each year and that hadn't been done. 

Better go out and get something done...they're calling for some showers this afternoon...

The Ninja Blender is on at it's cheapest price ever. Ruth says these blenders are very popular with the RV'ing crowd!


  1. Wow, deserted. I hope they come to terms with you - seems like a decent place to work and you guys have done so much work the last 2 years getting things up to par.

    1. We'll have a better idea tonight after the meeting with the board. Yes, we have done a lot of work and there is still more that we want to see done. Makes us proud to see how it is looking here.

  2. Sounds like you've done a bang-up there this summer, as usual! Hopefully the owners recognize what they've got and will give you a raise and maybe more help next summer.

    Any takers on the free Saturday night stay?

    1. No...nobody! Actually, one couple came in with a tent on Saturday night, but it wasn't because of our facebook special. I guess around here the camping season ends at Labor Day and that's it...

  3. This is the time of year we love in the campgrounds so quiet.
    Our is open year round and being a membership park they make more money when people not here using the services, Maintenance fees reasonable but lots of members.
    The there is many permanent trailers here that pay their own water and electric in a separate area.

    1. We agree, spring time and fall time are our favourite times camping at a campground, as you say it is usually very quiet and peaceful.

  4. Good ole Whiskey, waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. In that picture it looks like Ruth gave you a buzz cut!

  5. Starting to clear out of your park, for sure. Seems like a hint of fall in the air? We had a terrible windstorm blow thru coastal Washington while we were there the end of August -- they called it the strongest summer cyclone in history -- imagine! Lots of clean-up needed. We're home now (Nevada City CA) and, Holy Moly!, it's raining lightly. Thank goodness. Douse some of these awful wildfires.

    You guys only have a couple of weeks to finish up there, right?

    1. Yes, fall is certainly in the air, even the temperature is reflecting that now. Hope you get more than a light rain to put those nasty fires are out completely.

      September 30th, less than two weeks now and we pull out of here. :-)


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