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Thursday, September 3, 2015

August Expenses

Better get this posted before I forget. A pretty good month, really. Especially considering that this is the year both Sherman (our motorhome) and the little blue car have both needed a fair  bit of maintenance work. Once again, I'm glad that I can do the majority of this work myself and save on the labor costs.

Oh, and there's more motorhome expense coming up this month.

I have an appointment on Tuesday to take him into a local shop for his mandatory insurance inspection in order to get him officially licensed in Saskatchewan. The inspection itself will cost $220 plus tax ($22) and then they'll tell me what work needs to be done, if any. That crack in his right windshield may not pass. They have some awfully complicated rules regarding windshield cracks, so we'll see.

Anyhow, let's get to our August re-cap.

We spent a total of $1,290. Not bad, considering that includes the $359 for the materials for Sherman's roof.

Here's how it all broke down...

Fuel: $36 for our monthly fill up for the little blue car.

Groceries: A much better month in this department. Only $413 as we start using things up from stocking up in the first couple of months of our time here. If we can come in at around the $400 mark for September, Ruth will have managed our food budget very well during our time here this summer.

Miscellaneous: At $492, a little higher than we would have liked. But we bought Ruth a little replacement camera at just over $200. Plus our monthly internet bill ($119) and car insurance ($55) and a couple of other small items

Motorhome: $359 for the rubber roof coating material for Sherman.

Just about every month this year has been higher than we would typically like it to be. This turned out to be the year where both of our vehicles needed maintenance and repair, and our electronics started falling apart as well and we had to replace both laptops and a camera. But everything is pretty much done now, so hopefully our expenses for the balance of the year can be concentrated on travel!

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  1. Love your header photos! Can you tell us a little about how you edit (cropping, etc.) them and what software you use. I take a lot of really bad photos and only a few good ones when we travel. I'm taking a course for taking great photos with my iPhone, maybe I will switch from my point n shoot camera. The teacher takes some incredible photos with just his iPhone and great apps!

  2. I think overall things are costing more than last year due to our crappy dollar. I hope they pass the RV with flying colours. I wonder if they care as much on cracked windows on RVs as they do cars.Those interprovincial inspections are such jokes, inspect it once and never do it again, at least in BC that is the way it is. Seems like a gigantic money grab.

    1. I have to admit that in general we haven't found too much of a difference between last year and this year with the majority of food prices. We have certainly found some items have increased in price most produce and some meat products.

      Totally agree with these interprovincial vehicle inspections, they are a total waste of time and most certainly a big money grab. We will be very happy once we get Sherman's inspection done and have all that behind us.

  3. Your header picture reminds me of our daily walks at Hacienda Contreras. Sure do miss that place and all the fun memories.

    1. Hacienda Contreras didn't have any steep hills and if I remember right the hill in that picture was VERY steep! The countryside is beautiful just like at Hacienda though. :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, it was especially when you remove the cost of the camera and the rubber coating supplies.


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