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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Flyboarding! Now on our list of things to try!

City Chase is billed as Canada's largest urban adventure. Where teams of two compete in a variety of physical and mental challenges and race on foot or by public transport from one event to the next event.

It's become pretty popular in this country, and there were five regional races this Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto. Each race had over 300 teams competing, and our son Alex and his friend Matt finished 2nd in their regional event. This gave them a spot in the National Finals which took place yesterday.

Wow...what a day!

They were competing against the top 20 teams from across the country in what was going to be an 18 hour event. Only 10 teams would cross the finish line, with the others being eliminated throughout the race.

Here is his posting from Facebook this morning...

Escaping the manor
Jumping off towers
Exploding watermelons
A claustrophobic maze
Shooting arrows at each other
Sorting mail
Playing Mortal Kombat 3 at the Landsowne Cineplex
Human Bowling
A massive scavenger hunt
Laser tag
An intense obstacle course
Navigating through a nautical map
Flyboarding (look it up!)
Military training
Eating 4 pounds of wings
250 bicep curls
Naked body painting
Operating a giant crane
Firefighter training
Bmx riding
solving mini puzzles
and running around Ottawa for a total of 30 km (18miles. Maybe more.) throughout the day.

...I can safely say that yesterday's City Chase Nationals was one of the most intense, mentally/physically draining things I've ever done...And I'd do it all over again!

Final results: 3rd place in 16h23m

Imagine going non-stop for over 16 hours! Wow!

He says "Flyboarding (look it up)".  So I did...


Holy crap! Does that ever look like fun! Apparently it's the latest water adventure craze. Surprised I haven't seen anybody at the park with one of these yet!

For those who always wanted to play doctor...

And in Canada...time to change your furnace filters?


  1. WTG! What an amazing challenge! Do they now move onto a World Chase?

    1. Thanks Suzanne! We have tried telling them to try out for Amazing Race Canada next year. :-)

  2. 3rd - that is amazing! Flyboarding looks like a lot of fun!

    1. They are feeling pretty proud of their 3rd place finish. Not too shabby at all when you consider all that they had to do! The flyboarding was his favourite challenge.

  3. WOW.....that is so awesome. Please pass along our congratulations. I would have died after the Escaping the manor.

    1. Thanks Paul and Marsha, we have passed on the congratulations to them. I might have made it a little further the Escaping the manor but I would have been dead WAY before the end of the day! ;-) I don't know how they did it!!!

  4. I wouldn't have made it through four pounds of wings - I think I would have crashed before that - sounds like crazy fun!

    1. We meant to ask him last night when we were talking to him if the four pounds of wings were between the two of them or if it was four pounds each. Also keep in mind that they have been running and doing challenges all morning, they would be pretty hungry at this point, plus wings contain lots of bones so it wouldn't really be four pounds of total meat.

      Yep, he said it was crazy but they had a blast!

  5. Truly amazing! A lot of hard work & determination went into placing 3rd. Congrats to your son and friend!

    1. Thanks Lori, and yes we agree, a lot of hard work and determination for sure. Anyone that can complete something like this will do really well in life.

  6. Congrats Alex and Matt---sounds more grueling than running a marathon!

    Kevin, something must be wromg with my tablet. I refreshed several times, but still cannot see the pix you posted of the naked body painting...

    1. Thanks Dugg, our congratulations has been passed on to them. And, yes way more grueling than a marathon, and Alex has done that before too.

      Nothing wrong with your tablet, you just need to purchase the special glasses for viewing that from Amazon, and look at that they are on sale too! ;-)

  7. Congrats to Alex and Matt sounds like a really tough adventure, with some fun thrown in.

    1. Thanks GMF! Yep, a tough challenge for sure but he said it was a ton of fun and that he had the opportunity to do things that he probably would never ever have done in his life otherwise.

  8. Great! Let me know how you like it and post pictures! :)

  9. Sounds like a city version of The Amazing Race. Congratulations to the boys. I saw someone doing the flyboarding on TV this summer. I think I would forget to hold my breath and swallow lots of water!

    1. In a way it is like a version of The Amazing Race. That flyboarding does look like fun and Alex said it was his favourite challenge but it is definitely not easy to do. I would probably be the same as you!

  10. Replies
    1. Yes, we are really proud of them and they are very happy with their finish as well.


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