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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The cheque is in the mail!

I guess these Amex adjusters work on weekends. Had an email from the girl yesterday saying that my claim has been processed and closed and the cheque (check) is in the mail!

Oddly, they don't even want the camera back. This becomes a bit of a bonus for us because we now have a spare battery to bring with us to Africa.

We will have to make a trip one day this week to Future Shop (owned by Best Buy) here in Canada and see if they will match the same price they sold it to me for almost three months ago.

Oh, more interesting news...not written in stone yet, but it looks like we're going Bungee Jumping later this week.

In case you don't know, Bungee Jumping involves strapping an elastic cord to your feet and jumping from a high platform. In this particular case, 200 feet. Apparently the highest bungee platform in the Americas. Hey, you only live once, right? Or more accurately, you only die once!

You can learn more about it here...


Fortunately, while there are in fact accidents, bungee jumping is statistically a very safe sport. Just like flying, you are more likely to die in a car accident than you are bungee jumping. So, we look forward to telling you about this adrenaline adventure and hopefully we'll get some exciting pictures of this experience!

Great day hanging out with the boys yesterday. Just relaxed around the house, played some pool, watched the Boston vs Tampa Bay baseball game, and then the Toronto vs Ottawa hockey game.

Lots of laughs with the boys!


  1. yay on the check....I'll take my chances in the car thanks lol

  2. I couldn't make that step off of the platform.

  3. Sort of like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Can't see myself doing the bungee jump. Nope.
    Good news on the cheque.

  4. Okay - now I know you're certifiable. Bungee jumping???

  5. I haven't tried bungee jumping ..... yet. I agree, take advantage of the thrills while you can! Have fun.

  6. I have owned several Canon cameras for years. One was dropped (sound familiar Kevin?) and another malfunctioned after 10 years or so. I took both into Canon's Service Centre for repair. Instead of reparing them they replaced them with the latest models available and only charged $149 each. The new cameras retail for $400+ each so I was quite happy. Two brand new cameras for less than the cost of one. You might want to check with Nikon and see if they have a similar repair policy. Who knows, you may get a brand new camera for less than Amex is paying for the replacement.

    P.S. Love reading your blog.

  7. I'll wait for the details on your bungee jump. Hopefully all goes well and you get to cash your check and not cash in your chips... ;c)

  8. Just watched a friend's video of his 60th birthday parachute jump. Would I do it? I enjoyed watching him do it on video from the comfort of his living room. Great spectator sport!

  9. While we're thrilled you're getting a new camera, neither John nor I would bungee jump to save our souls! Go for it, but honestly, we can't imagine why! Does that mean we're OLD?!

  10. Have fun with the bungee, better you then me!

  11. Good for you! Have fun bungee jumping. I imagine it will be exhilarating

  12. Checking my blog I took a second look at today's title, "The cheque is in the mail!". Ralphie from the Simpson's would say, "you write funny". :)

  13. I also have had great service from Canon. I dropped my 20D when it was brand new and they fixed it under warranty. As for bungee jumping better you than me....I am terrified of heights like that, I would probably have a heart attack.


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