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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bungee Jumping Ottawa

This is one of those things that messes with your senses. I don't quite know how to explain it. A part of your brain is filling your system with adrenaline and making you excited about the thrill of bouncing through the air on a ride that is far better than anything you'll find at the county fair.

However another part of your brain is screaming "don't do it!".

Great Canadian Bungee is located in Chelsea, Quebec. About a 15 minute drive north of Ottawa.

Great Canadian Bungee

Our appointment with fear and fun was for 3:00pm but we were told to be there for 2:30pm. It was a beautiful day with perfect temperatures and blue sky. we arrived at about 2:20pm and got ourselves signed in and weighed. We didn't think it would be very busy on a Thursday afternoon in early October, but there were a half a dozen or so other people milling about.

Our son Alex (left) and Ruth signing her life away.

Alex, looking up at the jump platform!

3:00pm rolled around, and there were now about a dozen people waiting. Besides bungee jumping, they also do an activity called RipRide which is a high speed zipline over a 1,000 foot distance. Some of the people were there to do this activity and they were up first.

So we had some unexpected waiting time to contemplate this whole endeavor!

Someone getting ready for the RipRide

Ruth and Kevin and the bungee jump platform 200 feet above the old quarry.

Just before 4:00pm, we were called up to the platform. There were 12 of us jumping. We had to do a five minute hike up to the jump spot, where we were suited up with harnesses. We were told we had a choice between falling with the bungee cord attached to your feet, or attached to your body. Everybody chose feet except for me (Kevin)! I don't like the feeling of hanging upside down with the blood flowing to your head. Choosing the body attachment allows you to be upright when the ride is over.

Getting suited up.

Then, we were walked up onto the crane where we were ordered by weight. Heaviest goes first! We all watched the procedure in anticipation. The two operators check and double check all the attachments, then they quickly get you out to the jumping spot. They count down from five, and they do it fairly quickly. This doesn't give you a chance to do to much thinking because if you think about it, you may not do it! They actually tell you, when they say "Jump", do it the first time. If you don't jump when they say it becomes even harder to do.

One fellow looks like he's walking the plank. The difference here is that you get to live!

Our son Alex was the next to go. He weighs a couple of pounds more than me, so I would be going right after him. I had special permission to bring the camera out to the platform to get a photo of him. As they were getting Alex ready to go, they had me strapped in on a safety rope so that I could get to the edge of the platform to get a picture of him. This in itself was scary! When he was ready to go, they counted down and he plunged off the edge!


This photo was taken at exactly the same time by Ruth. In fact, you can also see me on the platform taking the other photo!

Next up, my turn.

I can't explain the feeling. Your stomach is in knots and when they tell you to walk to the brink and actually put you toes over the edge, it is a very strange feeling. Five, four, three, two, one...go!

And I jumped.

What a ride! Apparently I flipped once on the way down but you're a little disoriented (to say the least!) and I couldn't have told you if I was right side up or not.

Here's me, heading for the water!

They pick you up in a boat and bring you to shore.

I felt like I bounced four or five times. The first rebound from the 200 foot drop brings you back up 160 feet! Then you're sitting in mid-air for a split second before you hurtle to the ground again! What a thrill! I have to say that the total fear that you feel as you jump into the air disappears instantly. Very strange. Then, you just enjoy the ride.

Alex and I raced back up to the top to grab the cameras and get back to the bottom before it was time for Ruth to go. Alex took a few pics with the small camera, and I did a video. You absolutely have to watch the video!

Ruth, waiting her turn.

Eyes closed and ready to go! The question is, will she do it???

You'll have to watch the 3 minute video...(turn your volume up)

Well, she's smiling. Is that because she survived, or because she didn't jump?

How was it?

Well, for a half hour afterwards I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. It is a thrilling experience. Compared to jumping out of an airplane, I would say this is much tougher to do. But Great Canadian Bungee has over 100 people per day take the plunge on a busy summer Saturday. So it can't be that tough. But, it is tough to do! Truly a test of your mind.

While there are weight limits (80 lb min, 400 lb max) there are no age limits. Great Canadian Bungee has been operating for over 20 years and the age records are 8 years old for the youngest and 90 years old for the oldest! In fact, the oldest person was only this past summer, and the same day she jumped they also did a nine year old! So nobody can use the excuse that "I'm too old" to go bungee jumping.

Get out and do it! When the opportunity to do something different and exciting in your life presents itself, take advantage of it!

As they say, you only live once. Make the most of it.


  1. Replies
    1. We like to keep things fresh and try to get out of our comfort zone, it keeps things interesting that way.

  2. *phew* I think my brain screaming, "Don't do it!" would be a hard one to get past.
    But you did the sky diving thing, so I guess I 'get it'.
    Fun stuff. *To watch*, that is.

    1. You cannot believe how much "my" brain was saying "don't do it!" Pushing yourself off a platform 200ft up really goes against human nature.

  3. Great video and post, but we agree with Bob. We'll just watch!

    1. Thanks Dianne! Sometimes there are certain things you just "have" to do and this was one of them.

  4. My knees are weak just watching the video.

    Glad you three had a great ride.

    1. I still get a funny feeling in my stomach when I watch it, so I can understand how your knees feel weak.

  5. Glad everything turned out well. I think I would do it. But not really - I did it a few years ago except I had a parachute on my back. Then I had the chance when my son was in high school to join him in a jump from an airplane. I declined then and think I will again. Gives me cold chills thinking about it. Yikes!

    1. There is definitely a difference between skydiving and bungee jumping and we are glad that we have done them both but we both think that the skydiving was easier.

  6. Better you than me!!! My daughter Mary would try it.
    Thanks for the ride.

    1. I definitely had a hard time with it, Kevin did better and Alex, our son had absolutely no problem with it. Maybe, it's an age thing?!

  7. No way, no how, never, not in a million years. But I loved watching Ruth. What a great video. But absolutely not.

    1. Glad that you at least enjoyed the video, Jim and Sandie!

  8. OMG! The video made it possible for us to do a virtual jump. Even before you mentioned it, I thought, "This would be harder than sky diving!" But, congrats to all three of you and what an adventure (with proof of completion) for all. Thanks for sharing the photos and video; my hands are still shaking!

    1. Thank you Mary-Pat! Yes we have the proof that we completed this task and can now stroke it off our bucket list. BTW, I'm still shaking!

  9. What an experience! Good for you. Alex has the coolest parents.

    1. Not sure we are the coolest but we are definitely one of the craziest!

  10. Yea Ruth, you did it! The closest I have come is para-sailing and I would do that again in a heartbeat!

    1. We did the para-sailing to a few years ago and we would do that again with no problem, it was a blast.


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