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Saturday, October 5, 2013

More proof that we are not 25 anymore!

We sure did party like it though.

Late blog post today due to the longer age related recovery period after a night like that...

Ruth and I went shopping yesterday morning and I picked up a 16 lb prime rib roast. On sale for $4.88 a pound! My plan was to cut it up into steaks and feed a group of ten hungry guys.

Said goodbye to Ruth and headed in to pick up one of my friends at Ottawa airport. From there, about an hours drive to Cornwall where we did some more shopping for dinner. And then, to "the cottage" where we met the owner and he showed us around.

Nice place, but for $1,800 a weekend I expected it to be bigger. It was originally just a three bedroom bungalow that has been added to over the years, including a huge indoor swimming pool and hot tub. The basement has also been fully renovated to include another three bedrooms and a pool table. Fun place for a bunch of guys to get together and pretend they're 25 years old again. Divided by the ten of us, the price sounds a little more realistic.

Basement with pool table.

Swimming pool and hot tub. Nice, but the paint in the pool needs redoing.

First job after we arrived was to decorate one of the fellows bedrooms. This guy deserved some jabbing because he wanted the best room, so we picked out the nicest one and made his room the princess room. 

The princess room! Decorated with fake dollar store rose petals!

Next up, we had to get dinner ready. A 16 pound prime rib roast is a HUGE piece of meat. We trimmed the bones off and will do ribs with them today. So what was left, we cut up into ten rib eye steaks.

Those are some big steaks!

The boys at dinner. The steaks were delicious!

The ten of us worked a summer camp when we were all 16 years old (34 years ago!) and while we see each other regularly over the years, we have not all be together at the same time for over 30 years.

The evening weather was perfect and so we used the outdoor fire pit and built a campfire. A couple of the guys brought guitars and we sat out until after 1:00am drinking and singing and laughing. Just like old times!

Sitting out with the boys. What a fun evening.

The only thing not just like old times? The recovery period the next day. We are not 25 anymore! But it was worth it. I expect tonight will be a little more mellow.


  1. Reliving our youth can get pretty sore at times. Have a great time.

  2. Gotta remember to consume adequate water with the alcomohol. Keeps you from getting dehydrated.
    Then of course, there's all the meat hanging around in your innards. That'll sure weigh you down.

  3. Those years do sneak up on you, but always nice to have fun times with old friends.

  4. I imagine the girls and I from when I worked there will be the same kind of friends in 30 years. At least I hope so :)
    glad you're having fun!

    1. Lindsey, I can pretty much guarantee that you guys will all stay in touch.

  5. good times have no age limit. when you hook up with childhood friends you feel like you are a teenager again.

  6. Bet those guys are acting like teenagers too!


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